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My piercing and I

Some background info: I'm 14 and I'm in love with piercings ATM I only have 2 ear ones (lobe and the one this is about), but by the time I'm finished I'll have about 14/15 (3xlobe, 3x lobe in other ear, 1xforward helix <-this experience is about this, 1xcartilage, 1xdiath, 1xindustrial, 1xtragus, 1xeyebrow, 1xmedusa and 1xlabret and am considering snake bites) :).

On the way home from school me and my mate were talking about piercings and tattoos we want one day and it got me wanting one so I started looking around random websites when I came across this one so I had a look and I instantly fell in love with a labret piercing but my mum was against it so I threw that out of the window till I'm 16 then I'll bring back the idea of it.

For a week or so I kept begging about the labret but it became obvious that it wasn't gonna happen for a while, so I looked again and fell in love with an industrial/scaffolding. So I started asking again but it was still no so that will have to wait till I'm 16. Then finally when I was gonna give up I found the forward helix (I've put it in cartilage category 'cus there isn't a forward helix category). So I asked and showed her a picture and she was alright with it as it would be mostly hidden by my hair.

So the next friday (teacher training day/day off school) I organised to go in town with 2 of my mates and go get it done. I woke up that morning and felt so nervous that I felt sick, I kept saying to myself that when they do it I'm gonna be sick at one point I was tempted to call my mates and cancel it but I forced my self and walked out and told my self there was no turning back and I'm so glad I didn't cancel it. We walked around town for a bit 'cus my mum was at work and the people would have to phone her to make sure it was alright. So at about 12:15ish we went to PULSE and we stood outside, I looked at them and said 'I can't do this' as I was nervous as some people say it hurts like hell and others say it didn't hurt at all. Eventually they got me inside after about 5 minutes, I went up to the desk and asked how muc it was (£28) I payed, choose with banana bar I wanted and filled out the form. They called my mum just to make sure I wasn't lying about my age and that she
was alright with it. I went in but only one of my mates could go in the room with me so I just said whoever I don't care and next thing I knew I was just sitting there while she marked my ear, I looked it wasn't where I pictured it but me and my mate thought it would look good so I left it. I sat there with my eyes closed and she told me to take a deep breath and on the exhale I felt a sharp pinch and that was it. I was also told when they put the jewellrey through and screwed the ball on it hurt, neither of them did I didn't even feel it. So I went out with my cleaning solution and was told it had to be cleaned 2/3 times a day and leave it in for 3-4 months before changing it, but I had a feeling that that time would fly by and so far it has been rushing by and I can't wait till I can change it.

Its been nearly a month since and I still love it and now I have a 3mm plug in my lobe soon to be 5mm. I've had no trouble with my forward helix so far it got a tiny bit swollen at one point but it's fine now I could actually sleep on it the day I got it and everyday since so it's a pretty painless piercing I'd recommend it anyday and now I'm gonna work towards my labret or tragus. I probably won't get the rest till I'm 17+ but my diath will prob be when I'm 19/20. And if you live in Northampton, England then I'd recommend going PULSE even though it is a bit more expensive it's worth it but to get new jewellrey for your piercing I'd go SPUN OUT which is basically down the road from it my plug in my lobe was £3.95 and all their plugs no matter what size is £3.95 but in PULSE their starter plug is £5.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember.
Studio: PULSE
Location: Town+Centre%2C+Northampton

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