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scaffold piercing.

Having heard so many horror stories about industrial/scaffold piercings, I was reluctant to get it done, even though I had my heart set on it.

I researched the hell out of it, and found hundreds of people complaining that it was a notoriously painful piercing, and a notorious bleeder.

Finally, two days ago (3/10/09) I finally plucked up the courage to get it done :)

Picking a piercing studio was a no brainer for me; I went straight to Blue Banana in Coventry, as they had pierced me before.

I was aware that Blue Banana was sometimes said to be a little "poseur", and that only 12 year old wannabes got pierced there, but I'd had my lip done there and loved the experience; the staff were friendly and the studio was clean and comforting.

I went in (nervous as anything) and filled out the forms, and picked out my jewellery (silver titanium, 1.6 X 40) and was told to come back in 40 minute while they sterilized everything.

I was also told to go eat something sugary, so a quick trip to McDonalds was in order ;)

I was much more nervous for this than my other piercings, but Jen, the piercer, very calmly laid all the sterilized needles etc out, and talked me through what she was going to do, having a poke around at my ears before marking them up. I was a little off put at first, as she commented that I had really quite thin rims, and it might turn out that I had to get a different piercing or a refund.

Given that I'd finally plucked up the courage to get it done now, there was no way I was backing out! We changed the angle to a little steeper, and I persuaded her to go on :)

I looked away while she applied the clamps etc, as she talked me through exactly what she was doing:

"I'm going to put the first hole in, and then if you need a break, just say. Then I'll put the second hole through, and then put through the jewellery. If you need to take a breather just say, sweetie."

She was very comforting, and without her talking me through, I'd probably have chickened out!

Now, I'm not going to lie, because it WAS the most painful piercing I've got so far. I could very distinctly feel the needle pop through the layers of cartilage and skin, but I told Jen to go ahead and whack the second one through anyway. The second one HURT like an absolute bitch, as my ear was really sensitive at this point, but only for a second. So yes, although painful to get the actual needle through, it only hurt for the tiniest amount of time :) After that, I just mopped the blood up (so much for notorious bleeder, I didn't even bleed that much, and I'm an easy bleeder) and couldn't stop smiling. Jen talked me through the aftercare as routine, and I told her how much I loved it, and thanked her.

Unwisely, I went to a gig straight after, so it got knocked a bit, but I wasn't even that painful. It's still a little uncomfortable, and just has the feel of being hot, like a hairdryer has been held to the skin. But, having said it's uncomfortable, and was painful, it's actually one of the easiest for aftercare.;

All I'm doing is cleaning it about 4-5 times a day, with salt water solution and a cotton bud. About twice a day, I leave tea tree oil on it for a couple of minutes, and the clean with salt water.

Although it's tender, nothing nasty has come out of it, it hasn't bled since I got it done, it didn't particularly swell, and it doesn't really hurt at all.

(Boy, you should have seen my lip piercing. Probably the definition of swelling and bruising!)

I haven't yet tried spinning the piercing round to clean it, I'm just cleaning entry and exit points, and then pushing the bar through a little to clean inside, and I won't try rotating it for a week or so.

The only problems now are keeping my hair pinned out of the way (because when it's caught, it hurts like anything) , and showering is pretty interesting, but it's fairly easy to just sort of swill shampoo on one side of my head and massage it until it reaches the hair around the piercing. Also, sleeping was one of my biggest concerns, but I just slept on the other side, and it didn't trouble me at all :)

I absolutely love love love this piercing; it was nowhere NEAR as scary as it was made out to be and it looks fucking awesome! If you were considering getting scaffold/industrial done, but were put off by scare stories and the pain measure, don't worry; It's not that scary, not that painful, and you feel super sexy after you've had it done ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Coventry

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