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Ready to slice yer ear open ‘en?

So after much complaining, dreaming, wishing, discussion and thought, I finally went to get my lobe scalpelled. Figured this is the first vaguely interesting procedure I've undergone so it might be worth a write up


About two years ago I decided I wanted stretched earlobes, I knew I needed a pierced lobe for this and I had a retired lobe piercing, one day I was discussing the idea with my girlfriend and we jammed a butterfly back stud in there, probably a silly idea but I was stupid and in a hurry.

I didn't notice at the time that it was massively off centre, however over the next few months I started to notice it, I asked around and people said it was fine (bstrds!) so I stretched, I figured it wouldn't matter 'cos I only wanted 8mm at the time.

Fast forward a few months, I was at 11-12mm with practically no flesh on the side of my lobe, you literally couldn't see flesh over those really tiny flare eyelets and it was immensely thin, I knew I'd gone too far and downsized to 10mm where I stayed for a while, this is when I decided that I definitely wanted bigger lobes, (12mm+) and knew that the only way I was gonna achieve this was by scalpelling or getting it reconstructed and starting from scratch.

I decided on scalpelling, now my original intention was to fork out the cash to go allll the way to Kalima or HTT for it, I was fine with this but knew it'd take a while to save the cash. I didn't know of any piercer around here capable of anything more than your bog standard piercings, heck, my local piercer hadn't even heard of dermal punching, flipping septums up or stretching anything other than lobes. That was when I heard about Rik at Bridgend Tattoo, a few people had great things to say about him and he apparently dealed with the more alternative body modification.

So being the eager beaver I am, I went straight on down and got a tongue piercing, while I was there I mentioned the idea to him, he seemed excited at the idea, he definitely knew what he was talking about, told me he could probably get me to 16mm from where I was at the time, but he recommended downsizing to as little as possible first to thicken the flesh because it'd look better and it'd leave more room for further stretching, so that's what I did. Sized down gradually and got to pretty much nothing.

So several piercings, an eighteenth birthday and a series of overwhelming needs to have even lobes later, I was loaded with cash, excited and legal

I phoned Rik up and he remembered me, told him I'd be coming down Saturday and asked about a price, he told me £25! I actually had to ask him to say it again 'cos I was pretty shocked, I was expecting like 50+.

So Saturday came, I woke up and my stomach was in knots, I ate a hearty breakfast and felt better, got ready and hopped on the bus with my girlfriend. A few hours later we arrived, I walked in and was greeted by Rik saying "Ready to slice yer ear open 'en" grinning eagerly. This was when my nerves really got to me, noticing this he asked if I'd eaten since breakfast, I told him no and he insisted that I went out and got something to eat.

So I walked down to Greggs for a pasty but ended up with a prawn sandwhich, it was quite tasty, the bread was thick, not too dense and had a good texture, it did have a few too many seeds in though, but I can deal with that.

I'm not gonna lie, at this point I was absolutely bricking it, I mean flat out hands shaking tripping over my word can't form a solid sentence bricking it. I walked back to the studio, as slowly as possible

I arrived again and Rik informed me just had to remove a girl's tongue piercing and he'd be right with me, so I went and looked at some artist portfolio's, it looked pretty good in all fairness.

The Procedure!

Rik came down to where I was sat and told me he was ready for me, at this point I was so nervous my face had lost all it's colour, I was shaking stammering and everything. He told me to lie down on the bed/chair/thingy/whatever they're called and he started putting cloth down for the blood, he explained the procedure and examined my lobe.

At this point, I let out a colossal fart, I'm not even lying it was impressively loud, had a solid, pungent smell and a reasonable hang time, he smirked and I didn't even feel embarrassed, I was that nervous.

First he tapered me up to 4mm which I didn't really feel; I could probably have fit a 6 in tbh. Then came the cutting, I was very surprised at how little this hurt, it felt like a light scratching on my lobe, though the sound of hearing my flesh rip was pretty cool. Next came the real tapering, this badboy stung a bit like, but still not too bad, it was light years away from passing my comfort zone.

In it all, I didn't really bleed much at all, I was amazed, there was a little bit of blood but really not much. Through it all, we were having quite a pleasant conversation about body mods and science, lmao. He fitted me with a titanium eyelet and handed me a mirror, I was landed, I finally have even lobes!

We shook hands, I ended up giving him £30 and he made sure I was feeling alright, didn't need a lie down or anything and that was it.

I left with a massive grin on my face.


submitted by: I am iron man
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Rik
Studio: Bridgend+Tattoo
Location: Bridgend%2C+South+Wales

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