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Painful but worth it

Let me start by saying I don't recommend doing what I did to stretch my ears, it was stupid and dangerous. I was about 14 when I first got my ears pierced with the one intention of stretching them, but I was oblivious to the right methods to stretching, and where to start. I began with asking my sister who thought it was a great idea, she also helped heavily in my decision for tattoos and piercings. Starting with a big mistake, I got them pierced with a piercing gun at the mall. Knowing what I know now I wish I had got them done at a piercing studio with a needle and gone straight to a higher gauge. I did what what my friend told me, to wait until my ears were healed before I started to stretch them. When I started to stretch them me being clueless to how to do it, I went to the mall and bought a pair of pinchers and immediately jumped from the normal ear piercing to a 10 gauge.

It was not a pleasant experience it was very painful and my ears were throbbing for hours, also not helping matters was my dad who wouldn't let me get my ears done to begin with, when he found out he tended to grab on them and pull usually right after stretching them. I then waited a couple of weeks and went to a 8 gauge, but being very impatient I jumped from an 8 gauge to an 2. I mistakenly bought flesh tunnels instead of pinchers or tapers, they wouldn't fit in at all so I improvised. I grabbed a drinking straw and folded the end of it enough to fit in my ear lobe and forced it in, It was very painful but I was so excited to be able to see a clear hole through my ear I went and showed my mom and she was none too thrilled regardless I was happy with the result and couldn't wait to get to the next size. Soon I noticed something on the back of my ear lobe, at the time I had no clue what it was, now I know it was a blowout as a result of stretching too fast.

Still not knowing how to deal with it I did something very stupid, I sat in the bathroom for probably 20 minutes trying to cut off the blowout skin off my lobe, and after plenty of pain and blood it was gone, this set me back though I know had to wait a while for the now open wound to heal before I could resume stretching. After about a month of waiting it was healed and I stretched to a 00 gauge, I wore surgical steel flesh tunnels with a 8 gauge retainer ring through the tunnel, I loved the look as did my friends and at the time present girlfriend. After a year of much trial and error I had achieved my goal. I soon realized that from the weight of the steel in there all the time it slowly stretched them another gauge higher but I never switched to larger jewelry.

Sitting here its roughly 4 years after thinking I had finished stretching my ears and never had the intention of stretching any further but after seeing and very much liking the look of large gauges, the appeal of the beautiful plugs i've seen around. I have begun to stretch them again for the last 2 months. The only difference between then and now is I know what I am doing which has helped considerably. Knowing the right ways to do it helps a lot and definitely cuts back on the pain and I am presently at a 1/2 inch with a goal of getting to 1 inch, although that may change and I might decide to go to 2 inch. When I picked up stretching my lobes again I did it properly and ordered a set of 00g to 1 inch tapers, and this time round, I'm being very patient and being careful. I am in no hurry this time.

Remembering being in 9th and 10th grade with stretched lobes, I always got the same questions, Did it hurt? My answer is always the same, yes and it was worth it. And people ask why? I always answered why not and never had a problem answering them. I really enjoyed the idea of grossing out the people who were against any kind of modification especially the teachers who really liked to send me to the principle for having them. Having them really opened my eyes to how people treat you if you don't go with the social norm. Fortunately that kind of thing doesn't happen that much anymore because of modifications becoming so common. Occasionally I still get dirty looks from people because of my tattoos or ears but it doesn't bother me. Currently I couldn't be happier with them and in the process of doing them it has opened my eyes to the world of body piercing and am soon gonna get more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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