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Pain for pleasure

Well I've wanted my tragus pierced for quite a while. Probably since before I got my nose done 2 months ago. So this weekend I went out to get a tattoo and being only 17 I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to find anywhere to have one done. So I decided that seen as my friend was having her belly pierced I may aswell get it done. So no tattoo = Tragus piercing.

We wandered around manchester for about and hour or so and couldn't find anywhere to tattoo me. So we headed to Holier Than Thou to get my friends piercing as I'd had my nose pierced here and found it too be of a very high standard. The shop is also alway full which is a good sign that it must have a high reputation. However you never have to wait more than half an hour(and thats if your jewelry needs sterilizing)

Theres a lovely friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the shop and you immediately feel at ease.

We went to the counter and told the woman what we wanted doing. She gave my friend some forms to fill out and then told us there would be about a half hour wait as the jewelry had to be sterilized.

We decided to wait in the store for half an hour but left after about 10 minutes to look for a tattoo studio (Holier Than Thou is only a piercing studio) and when we couldn't find a place we went back to the shop so I could fill out my forms and pick my jewelry for my tragus.

The woman gave me a choice between a bar and a ring so I asked which was best and she told me that bars heal faster but rings are easier to clean . So I chose to have a ring as my mum has a ring and it looks really pretty on her.

Eventually a cheery face Marcus came out and called my friends name.

We went into the studio and he went through everything with her and then got to the piercing. It was suprisingly quick and easy the needle just went straight through. She's absolutely terrified of needles but Marcus made he feel really at ease. She didn't even feel it and shes very happy with it. Then we went back into the waiting area until my name was called.

About 5 minutes later I was called through to the studio. I sat down on the bed, suprisingly not nervous in the slightest as I'd been told by many people that nose was the worst piercing and tragus was nothing compared. So I sat down on the bed and Marcus went through the procedure and cleaning process with me and when I felt ready he proceeded to put clean gloves and an apron on and open all the equipment. He marked a spot on my ear and ask me to check I was happy with the placement, which I was. Then I sat back down and was ready for the piercing.

Well, at first it seemed fine, then the pain hit. He struggled to get the needle through my suprisingly thick tragus and the struggled to take it out again to put the jewelry in. During his struggling I began to cry, how embarassing!! He told us it was the toughest tragus he's come across. And hes been piercing of 4-5 years...that we know of!

I don't really remember what the pain felt like just that it was quite horrific. But I've never been known as someone who handles pain very well, although after this I expect that opinion to change drastically. I don't recall hearing the "pop" that people claim to have heard, unless I was focusing so much on the pain that I didn't hear it.

But eventually after about 2 minutes it was done and he placed the ball on my BCR and told me to calm down, breath and make sure I felt ok.

After a couple of minutes I managed to calm myself down and look in the mirror at my beautiful new piercing. I told him I was sorry for crying, went back out into reception, paid the very reasonable £15, thanked everyone and left.

It was a little sore afterwards but as soon as I cleaned it some of the gunk was dislodged and it was much easier to move. I did bleed a little but thats expected as I'd had a needle shoved through part of my body.

2 days later I absolutely adore my piercing and am so happy I got it done. The pain was definately worth it as I've had so many compliments and its made me so happy. I'm going back this weekend to have my second lobes pierced and then maybe the weekend after to have my rook or helix pierced.

So if you want a tragus piercing I'd say definately do it. As with any piercing theres pain, but if its something you want then its definately worth those 2 minutes of pain as you get so much pleasure from it, and please don't let my experience put you off as it's different for everyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Marcus
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Manchester

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