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My temperamental rook

When I decided to get my rook, it had been 5 months since my last piercing. I personally like to wait awhile between piercings to give them time to heal, and rightfully so as they usually give me trouble somewhere down the road. However, I had been planning it for a couple months so I was getting impatient. As a Christmas present to myself I decided to get my rook done. At this point, no one I knew at my school or anywhere else had one, so I liked that it wasn't so common. (Of course after I got mine done two other people at my school did).

The day I got it done it was actually kind of unexpected. I was actually supposed to go the next weekend, but I ended up not having to work and my mom wasn't doing anything. I was really excited but also really nervous, which was strange because I had never been nervous before. I think it might have been because it was my first time going to a different studio, and this one was only 10 minutes away as opposed to a half hour. Less time for me to relax I guess. Anyway, I made sure to get some cereal in my system before leaving and we headed out.

I got there and filled out the forms per usual. Originally he was going to pierce it with a BCR, but I chose a curved barbell instead since I liked the look better. I got a plain 10mm barbell made out if implant steel. I was disappointed I couldn't get jewels, but it's more expensive that way, and it was already $60 to begin with.

While waiting for him to set up, me and my mom chatted and told her how this was the last time she would have to come with me get piercings. (It was a lie, she actually ended up taking me one last time for my lobes to be pierced, whoops). She then asked me what else I planned on getting once I was 18 and I told her my nose, forward helix, tragus, tongue, and nipple. Surprisingly, all she said was that it was my body and I could do what I want, but to be sure I wanted it done and do research. I was proud that she was accepting my love of piercings more.

Anyway, after this conversation he was ready for me. I went back there and he explained the procedure and showed the sterilized jewelry. Then it was time. He put the cold goo on and such. I couldn't really see what he was doing with it being on my ear, but I think he used the cork method. All I know is, when he pierced it, it was more painful than any of my piercings to this day. Not unbearable, but definitely the worst. I'd give it a 5.5/10, jewelry insertion was the worst part. The weirdest part about it was that I could feel the blood pouring out. It was kinda nasty but I wasn't surprised it happened. I paid and tipped him and then we went on our way.

My ear was a bit red after, as usual, but it felt fine, I didn't even know it was there. The bar looked a little long to me, but it was fine as I knew I could change it in a few months.

After 5 days it was doing fine, though sleeping was annoying because I couldn't put pressure on it. The dried blood stayed on for a few days because I couldn't get it all off from just sea salt soaks. It took a few good picks with Q tips to finally get it all off. Now the first week I cleaned it every day, then started every other day, which then led to barely ever doing it. However, I recommend leaving it alone second to sss. I usually only clean fresh piercings the first month or so and then only when it flares up after or has crazy crusties. It seems to work that way.

Now after almost a month, and probably due to me moving the bar a lot, I started to develop the bump. This was one was really really small and flesh colored, but a bump nonetheless. After having experienced it once before with my navel, I knew it was time to bust out the tea tree oil. After putting it on for a few weeks it was finally gone, though it did cause a lot of itching.

Time went on without incident, then at the 4 month mark or so I developed a bump much worse than before. It was weeping a lot and also slightly bleeding. I slathered it in tea tree oil and sea salt soaked it for treatment. Because I decided the reason for the bump was the jewelry was too long, I changed it. However with the swelling it was hard to get in, so I put another 10mm bar in instead. Unfortunately the bottom ball fell off. I ended up having to reinsert it through the bottom and put the top ball on. The bumps on both sides caused it to bleed. Shortly after it developed, it seemed to come off one day. It was rather strange, but made me happy to see it go.

After that everything was fine except a random flare up. That was until I tried to downsize my jewelry again at the 7 month mark. There was massive bleeding and I couldn't get the ball on, once again. I left it that way for a month and half until it finally fell out one night. Luckily for me my cartilage closes up slowly and it was finally healed by then, so even after a few hours it went back in easily.

Now that it's healed I love it even more, it's super cute and I get compliments on it often. I recommend it to anyone as long as they're prepared for it to flare up every now and then.


submitted by: hop_on_wop
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Nate
Studio: Body+Anthology
Location: North+Olmsted%2C+OH

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