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My New Vertical Tragus

After getting my scaffold in February I really wanted a piercing that not many people had, having looked on the internet and various piercing I came across the 'Vertical Tragus' and instantly fell in love with it! I looked up as much information for it as I could find (which weren't much) I decided I was going to get it done. I was pretty much really scared of getting this but I wasn't going to let that stop me!

It was the 29th of September and it was the day I was going to get my vertical tragus after waiting a good few months I was more than ready! I had a long 9-5 at college and planned to meet my friend outside my college at 5, I wanted her there. There she stood waiting to know what piercing I was getting I showed her a picture and she didn't like it but that didn't stop me! We got the bus to Camden town and went for Mc Donald's to put some energy in me, we decided to go straight to the piercing shop after Mc Donald's because it was getting late and everything was shutting.

We walked down the stairs to the piercing shop. The shop was white and very clean looking was tongs of cabinets holding all different types of jewellery. We had a man assist us straight away as there was already 3 people waiting to go in the piercing room. He asked how he could help and I showed him the picture of the piercing I wanted and he said it would cost me £26, I was chuffed as it was a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be, he asked for some ID so I showed him my oyster card, he accepted it and gave me some forms to fill out with questions such as ''do you suffer from panic attacks..'' I answered to no to all of them. I paid him the money and he told me to take a seat and the piercer would be with me very soon. After 15 minutes of waiting and watching people come out with new piercing and smiling it set me at ease, and I kept telling myself it couldn't hurt more than my scaffold or helix piercing!

The piercer called my name, my friend took my bag as she wasn't allowed in the room.

The piercer greeted me and shook my hand and asked me how my day had been and we just spoke about everyday things while she set up, she was a very nice woman but I could not remember her name, she made me feel a lot more better. She marked my ear with a pen and asked me to look in the mirror to see if it was okay, that's perfect I replied. She told me to lay on the piercing chair, I laid back and looked around the room which wasn't big but it was spotlessly clean! ''I'm not going to clamp this piercing I'm going to free hand it, put the needle through then we will put your jewellery through, it's a quick procedure, she knew exactly what she was talking about so I replied ''great!''. she applied her rubber gloves, she cleaned around the area where the vertical tragus was going, opened the new needles from a packet, asked me to take one deep breath, so I took one deep breath and through it went and out again, there was a bit of fiddling going on, and she asked if I was okay and I said ''wow is that it!'' she said ''yes the painful bit if over now just applying the jewellery!''. it felt like a little scratch and before I knew it my jewellery was in with one final clean up to my ear, she told me to look in the mirror, Wow I love it so much!! I said. Yes it looks great she replied, cleaning up the needles and throwing them away. She asked me to sit back down so she could go through the cleaning procedure. Clean it twice a day with sea salt soak, don't touch it with dirty hands. And gave me a white paper with list of things I had to do and shouldn't do. She shook my hand and we both said our goodbyes I thanked her and left the room.

My friend jumped out of the seat and said ''lets see it!'' , I showed her and she said wow it looks so much better in person! She loved it as much as I did! We left the piercing shop and headed home, I cleaned it when I got home and made sure I didn't sleep on it.

It's a week tomorrow since iv had it pierced, following my instructions cleaning it 2 times a day, its been fine not in the slightest bit painful which I'm very surprised! Compared to my scaffold it was nothing! I'm aware of the migration and rejected and just hopes it doesn't happen! I'm also taking vitamin E's and Zinc tables once a day as it helps healing! It was a great experience and everyone compliments it! I would highly recommend getting this piercing its lush!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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