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An urge for a helix piercing...

I wanted to get a helix piercing since I was in high school...about 14 years ago. It never happened however, because I was afraid of the pain despite constantly sketching characters with 2 or 3 helix piercings in each ear. So far I have 2 regular piercings in one ear, 3 in the other and my navel pierced.

After I had my navel done (it really was not a bad experience but I was not prepared for the 'shock' of getting that pierced) I swore I would never get anything else pierced again! But they do say piercing is an addition and finally after all these years I had the irresistible urge to get something pierced again - I decided that I had better do this while I was still young enough to enjoy it and show it off!

I have to admit I did ALOT of research online first for information: about the pain and especially about the aftercare and healing time. I read how long and temperamental cartilage piercings can be so I admit I was hesitant to have to do all that work and be uncomfortable for a long time, but in the end I decided to just suck it up and do it – I have a tendency to challenge myself to do something I am afraid of and this was no exception.

So I made a date with one of my good friends to have dinner and get the piercing. She has both conches and a forward helix done and was very happy and supportive of my decision. I went to New York Adorned because I had been there multiple times with a few different of my friends and they did a great job - 2 friends got their nipples pierced and one got an industrial and they all turned our great, plus the place was clean and the staff very knowledgeable and professional.

I was pretty nervous when I got there and was wondering what I was getting myself into - I was actually pretty hesitant until I knew I would absolutely hate myself if I chickened out now and left without my new piercing. My piercer was Colby and I asked him what kind of earring he recommended I should get and in the end went with a titanium CRB.

After that was done and paid for, I went in the room. Colby did his thing, changing his gloves and getting everything ready. I refuse to look at the needle (to avoid any unnecessary fear) so I honestly did not pay much attention to what he was doing, but my friend did. He marked a spot on my ear where he thought it would look best and I trusted his personal opinion – the marking looked great. My friend offered to hold my hand and I would have taken her up on that but Colby had me lay down on the table so I kind of clutched that instead.

I kept telling him, 'make it nice and quick and clean' .

I felt him place the edge of the needle on the marked spot and took a deep breath in. I felt him pierce the ear but surprisingly did not feel much pain - it left like a strong pinch, a little more painful than getting lobes done but not nearly anything like getting my navel done. I had my eyes closed initially but they flew open with happy shock after I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. It probably hurt a bit more when he put the earring in but not much more – it was so quick it was all over in just seconds! (or what felt like seconds).

The piercing looked great and I felt happy and relieved! My friend kept saying how cute it was and was even considering getting something done too. There was no blood at all, just a very quick and clean piercing. My ear did feel a little tender but after a few days it felt great and I still have not had any kind of leaking.

If anyone is thinking of getting a helix and is afraid of the pain – don't be! Just go for it – it really felt like nothing at all and there was no 'popping sound'. I will say however that it can be very tender a few days afterwards so make sure you follow your instructions and do the sea salt soaks (which make your ear feel great) and the cleansing with the right cleaner 2 times a day (I bought Satin). Also, I read it is very important to not sleep on it or fiddle with it and I have actually trained myself to sleep on my back or on my right side (the piercing is on my left.) So far I have not had any problems and I hope the next few weeks/months are just as easy! Actually, it was so easy that I am already thinking of getting another one...maybe my nose this time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: J.+Colby+Smith
Studio: New+York+Adorned
Location: New+York%2C+NY

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