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10G Lobe Piercings.

Like pretty much everyone else out there, I got my lobes gunned at the mall as a kid when I decided I wanted them pierced. The traumatic nature of the procedure combined with the horrible aftercare instructions and low-quality jewelry did not make my ears very happy; I had the piercings (and a second set later) for about five years and they never healed. They were constantly extremely irritated, which I didn't feel like dealing with, so I retired them. I stupidly tried to re-pierce them myself several times, but always ended up taking them out a day later because they were clearly on their way to infection. I never cared much about having any ear piercings after that until I decided I wanted stretched lobes. They seemed more unique and appealing than the boring ear studs I see every day.

After my first (eyebrow) piercing, I started doing a lot more research on the subject and found out how bad guns really were. I knew I didn't want it done that way, and eventually I discovered the idea of getting them pierced at a larger gauge. Not knowing much about the piercing/tattoo shops in the area, I wandered into the closest one and asked if they'd be willing to pierce my lobes at 10G. The guy at the counter had to ask another guy (who I assume was the piercer) who looked at me like I was crazy and said the biggest needles they had were 14G. I just shrugged and walked out.

I abandoned the idea for a while and decided to get a nostril piercing, so I researched a little more and found the best studio I could ask for. I was shocked by the quality of this place, so I knew where I'd be going for all my modifications in the future. A month or two later, I came back to make a tattoo appointment and get my ear piercings. It was going to be a little pricey, but I had no complaints because I knew I was paying for the thicker jewelry and a top-of-the-line experience. I wasn't too nervous because I'd read other experiences from people who'd had this done and it didn't seem much different than any other piercing; I knew a little more blood would be involved but other than that I had no worries. My only minor concern was that the amount of scar tissue in my lobes might make things a little more painful than they would be otherwise.

After signing all the forms and scheduling my tattoo, I headed back to the piercing room with the piercer and a friend of mine. I sat down and had a look at the thick needles and captive bead rings I was to be pierced with. I would've chosen steel plugs or barbells, but the rings were all that was available at that size so I decided I could live with that. After she cleaned everything and we discussed what I should expect with the procedure, my right lobe was clamped and ready to go. I had a bit more scarring on that side, so I was a little nervous, but as I exhaled and the needle was pushed through all I felt was a very strong pinch. It hurt less than getting gunned because there was no stinging, just pressure. The insertion of the jewelry was a really weird, slightly uncomfortable feeling, and when it was all done I could see my lobe starting to bleed in the mirror on the wall. There's no need to go into detail with the other ear, but it was surprisingly more painful and bl ed a lot more. Still nothing to complain about, though. I had to sit with the piercer holding gauze to my ear until the bleeding stopped, then I was all done.

I payed my bill, showed my friends my bloody new piercings, and was out the door. They stayed sore for the rest of the night, but didn't bleed any more; the blood from the initial piercing dried and that was the extent of it. When I got home I did sea salt soaks and cleaned off some of the blood; I found them a little difficult to sleep on for a couple days but other than that everything was great. For the next few weeks they secreted a lot of lymph--more than I've experienced with any other piercing--and seemed to heal pretty slowly. Because the captive bead rings were able to move freely in the piercings, the healing process was delayed. After they were six weeks old, though, I changed the jewelry to some glass colorfront single-flare plugs. I was told not to change them for eight weeks, but it had to be done and it helped immensely.

After my jewelry change, everything went extremely well. I continued doing sea salt soaks regularly for a couple months, and I couldn't wait until I reached the four-six month mark so I could do my first stretch. I was told by my piercer that I would probably be okay to stretch at four months, but my lobes didn't feel ready until around five or six. Three weeks ago, I stretched to 8G; I couldn't stop messing with them so the right one got irritated and I had to downsize. I stretched back up two days ago and they're doing great. They're not sore, didn't hurt to stretch, and look great. My goal size is 0G as of right now, and I hope all of my stretches go as smoothly as the first! I advise anyone who wants to stretch to look into getting pierced at a larger gauge.


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on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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