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The life death and rebirth of my industrial

I was sort of a late bloomer in terms of piercing among my friends, most of whom started getting pierced and quickly ruining their lobes in around 2005. After a bad breakup, at the beginning of my senior year in high school, I decided to get one of my lobes pierced. And the obsession began, I got my other lobe, started slowly stretching them, got a couple of other random cartilage piercings, and finally my industrial. I first decided to get my industrial pierced over 2 years ago, in the initial piercing craze I went through mentioned earlier. I first saw it browsing the pages right here at BME and instantly fell in love. I had never seen anything like it before, and liked the relative uniqueness of the piercing. One bar connecting two holes, how cool is that!!!

My first industrial was pierced at a trendy but dodgy shop which will go unnamed. I loved the piercing, in fact it was my favorite from day one, but it was plagued with problems, and never seemed to fully heal. Horrible hypertrophic scarring, inability to sleep on my right side, and a healthy dose of pain whenever I had the misfortune of bumping it on anything.

Despite the problems I loved my industrial, treating it to regular sea salt soaks. I got many compliments, and curious questions. The reception to my new piercing was overwhelmingly positive, even my mom, who generally dislikes my piercings and tattoos commented on how it was her favorite piercing. The only reaction that I ever had that was less than favorable was at work, when a customer pointed and laughed in amazement, proclaiming, "woah, look at that...hahahah." And even that seemed to be more of an impolite curiosity rather than a true insult.

My industrial remained painful with hypertrophic scarring for the duration of the time I had it(about a year) before I finally took it out. The last straw was when my friend accidentally hit it with a pool noodle, prompting cursing and pain on my end. He basically asked me if I thought it was worth it to keep it in if it was always getting hurt. I thought long and hard about what he said, mind you he appreciated the beauty of my mods but was coming from the realistic standpoint of a friend looking out for my well being. In the end I decided that my friend was right and that this particular piercing just wasn't worth all the hastle that it had given me. I took it out the next morning. I was crushed and felt naked. My favorite piercing, gone...

Fast forward a year and change, and I once again found myself lusting for some new holes. Remembering the love I had for my industrial I began toying with the idea of resurrecting it. I got my eyebrow and lip pierced in the meantime, always wanting the industrial but remembering the problems. Finally I decided I couldn't take it anymore and resolved to get my industrial re-pierced.

I headed down to my favorite piercing place of all time, Body Manipulations in beautiful San Francisco California. I was delighted to find that my favorite piercer of all time was also working, the great and mighty Eldo Chan. I inquired about the procedure and pricing, and quickly signed the consent forms and got ready for one of my more painful piercings. Eldo has done all but one of my piercings since moving to the city, and we have developed a healthy, trusting piercer piercee relationship.

Upon examining the scars from my previous piercing Eldo informed me that the lower hole was pierced at an angle pointing towards my head rather than parallel to it. He told me that that was likely the reason my industrial had never fully healed and had been a huge pain for me to deal with. I sat down in the dentist chair with one time use Dr. Seuss exam table paper covering it to help maintain sterility.

Laid out on a tray covered by medical looking paper, were several autoclave pouches full of the piercers tools of the trade. I was marked up with a nifty single use pen that they give the client at the end of any piercing, and asked to approve of the placement. I agreed, and sat back in the chair, watching Eldo change gloves for the thousandth time, and start explaining the procedure to me. He showed and explained to me the role the receiving tube, and that he would be using only one needle to pierce the two holes.

Eldo changed gloves one more time, got everything lined up, and instructed me to take a nice deep breath and that he would pierce on the exhale. As I exhaled the air from my lungs I was greeted by a sharp pain in my ear, that quickly spread further down to the second hole. The procedure was over incredibly quickly compared to last time, and the piercing and jewelery insertion felt like one fluid movement.

Eldo cleaned up the piercing area and gave me a mirror. I loved it, it took me back to the last time I had it, and I instantly grew attached to it. Eldo then showed me as he disposed of his needles in a sharps box, a small touch that I really appreciated.

Everyone at Body Manipulations is professional and skilled. Its been about three months since I got my industrial re-done and my experience has been so much easier. I have only had a minor problem with hypertrophic scarring, which went away quickly after a good regimen of tea tree oil. My industrial is no longer plagued by constant problems, and its pain free, unless it gets hit hard. I can even sleep on it. I would advise finding an experienced piercer for this one, the holes really need to get pierced perfect for easy healing. I am extremely happy with it, and am really glad I took the plunge to get it re-done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Eldo+Chan
Studio: Body+Manipulations
Location: San+Francisco

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