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So much I've learned in life

My journey starts with modifying about 2 years ago. At that time I was dealing with some heavy depression and was very impulsive. My friends mostly new me (being stereotypical) as the chill fellow who would just ride out his life. I hated the fact that this is how people saw me because I have, my entire life, tried to find a moment to break out of the mold that people had set around me. One of my coping methods at the time was to completely consume myself within a hobby or a lifestyle. Before this story takes place I had dreadlocks for a year and a half and the reason I cut them off is because once I did my dreads (backcombing method) I just let them do there own thing for the most part. Many of them combined into larger dreads and I got a lot of hate for that. I was constantly criticized because I looked like "a piece of shit", so I've been told. I needed something that better reflected who I really was.

It just so happened that I was just getting into the local Metal music scene at the time and as I starting going to shows, I started seeing stretched earlobes for first time. I love the passion and rawness of live music so I looked up to these guys as superheroes. I took greatest note of the larger sizes and I KNEW that I wanted to stretch. Unfortunately I didn't have any friends who had tried and tested or even any true knowledge on stretching. Just like dreads I did my research prior but I didn't truly comprehend all the warnings out there about how you NEED to stretch slowly. I hadn't learned the lesson of patience in my life. I bypassed all the warning signs and just started stretching on a whim. I knew I truly wanted to stretch it's just I'd never done something that would be so permanent (or so I thought at the time). I flew through sizes ignoring all the obvious signs that my lobe was irritated all the time. I had plenty lobe to start with and looking back on it I coul d of made it to 3 inches or bigger if I would of taken my time. At 5/8ths I decided to stretch with silicone (utter fail) and suffered dearly. My left ear didn't see much damage but my right thinned out by an insane amount compared to what I started off with.

I did the stretch right before I was taken away to a psychiatric hospital for my depression and my entire stay my lobe was sore, infected, and I decided I wasn't gonna take it out. I didn't have any plugs to put in its place and all I could think about was going as big as possible as fast.

Well now I'm at 1 1/4th and I'm stuck :(. I've been at this size for 10 months now and I've realized that If I would of taken my time I wouldn't be far from and 1 1/4th anyways. My left lobe is doing amazingly and could continue to stretch to 2 inches (original target) but my right lobe is majorly thinned. In December I'm going to get my lobes scalpeled to 1 3/4th to give my right ear slack and thicken the lobe more.

I've been using Vitamin E oil since my incident with 5/8th's and that has helped SO much. Without it there would of been no way I would of made it past 5/8ths. I also leave my plugs out for long periods of time so I prefer no-flares, my lobes always stay tight on my plugs which I prefer. Massaging my lobes has become an integral part of my day as well. My favorite is "Sun Valley Skin Oil 12,000 I.U.'s" before that I used the same brand, just capsules with 400 I.U's and it worked fine just the thickness through me off somewhat. It was like rubbing syrup on my ears but I came to love that feeling and I could see how drastically my lobe thickened over the 10 months of being at 1 1/4th.

The part of this story that I love talking about is how much I've learned about how import patience and discipline is in life. I work at Hot Topic and try to guide everyone in the right direction, it's sad because I can see the 90% of the people I talk to just blow off my advice as I did when I started. It hurts me to see the people who are going to make the same mistake I did. :(

Not only that I used my stretched lobes as a way to learn how to break free of all my old views of myself and I'm a much happier person :). I have a grip on my depression and I wear my plugs with pride!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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