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My Stretching Horror Story

This is my story on my lobe stretching process; it began about a year ago. Probably a little bit less, but you know.  I had had my ears pierced for quite sometime; I had done them myself as I do with all my other stuff. But I'm good at it, and get legit needles to do it, and sterilize everything so don't be a stupid and go do it yourself, because chances are you aren't as adapt at it, as someone nearby in a  Professional setting. But, I was browsing the internet and researching different piercings I could do when I started seeing a lot of lobe stretching. It wasn't new to me, but it had never really fascinated me. Until then. I began doing a lot of research on it, on various trusted sites. And about a year ago decided to do it myself.  
Sadly, the way I did it was very moronic and if not supremely idiotic as well. I had a standard size in, when I bought a pair of sixteen's. I got home popped them open and slipped them in. It didn't hurt at all; I kind of felt a little depressed you know? All this hype about the pain, and they just slid in so easily. I wanted the pain. So I went back to the store, and bought some fourteen's, and ten's, as how the store didn't carry twelve's which I thought was a little absurd. It was the same story with the fourteens however just slid right in with no pain at all. Dissatisfied I went ahead and popped open the tens, which were tapers and slid them in. This time the long awaited pain arrived but it was just a slight stinging. However I was satisfied, at this minor pain. There was no bleeding and barely any pain so I doubt I messed up there too badly. No the real horror story begins shortly. WOOT. 
 So I kept the ten's in for about a week, when I was at another store with one of my friends. We were looking at the plugs in awe and gawking at the inch, which looked just so beautiful. When he noticed some eight's, which he knew, was my next size up. And started pressuring me to buy them. At first I was like No dude, that's ******* stupid. But after a lot of persistence and some name calling I decided to break down and buy the eights. We then went to the malls where the store was located restroom, and shove them through. This time it hurt significantly worse than the other times. But still nothing to make me cringe, or my eyes water. This time however I kept the eights in a lot longer four weeks. It felt like forever actually waiting out the month, I wanted to stretch so badly. I was sitting at my friend's house and she had started stretching shortly after me. (Which I noticed a lot people doing in my town right after I started) she was a size larger though, because she wa

s obviously doing it way to fast. When I noticed she had some size six clamps. It pretty much went down, hey can I have those. Sure I don't care. And so then later that night when I got home I shoved them through. I guess my ears still hadn't completely healed up. Because those sixes where excruciating. I shook as I forced them through and I know look back as one of my major screw ups. THE PAIN IS YOUR BODY TELLING YOU TO STOP. DON'T BE STUPID AND KEEP GOING. Unless that is if you want an ugly blowout, or worse a complete lobe split. However again I was extremely lucky and no severe damage.
I left the sixes in longer than any other size I had ever put in, and ever have put in so far. They stayed in for about three months. But the O-rings slid off both of them and I lost those, so at night when I slept, they would slip out themselves and I would have to re-stretch from an unknown size in-between an eight and six everyday when I woke up. So getting tired of the pain that ensued everyday upon waking up, and school pictures coming up soon. I decided to get some nice new ones to not have to deal with morning pains, and to look rad in the pictures. Sigh. So after a while I found some odd reason to go to a town north of me where they had a better assortment of plugs.
And there I spied with my little eyes, four's. But they looked so tiny, as did the two's. I just knew it would be okay to stretch from six to zero without any real loss. I knew it. Well I was pretty * wrong. I bought a taper/plug set and as soon as I got in the car to go back home. I started trying to force it through my right ear first. Oh my, oh my, I'm not going to say it was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. But it was pretty far up there. But when I stretch, or any other form of Body mod, I kind of semi zone out and not really enjoy the pain but I don't notice it that much and something inside just drives me to go farther.
So I did, and I pushed and I twisted for about ten minutes until I was all the way through. My ear hurt so badly. I waited the rest of the forty minute car ride to do the other. As soon as I got home, I went to the bathroom, cleaned off what I could of my right ear with saline and massaged it a bit with animal byproduct oil. And then I started on my other. It didn't seem as bad as my right ear did. But again it still was probably up in the top ten of the worst pains I'd ever felt. After that I was rather grumpy the rest of the day from the pain. And I couldn't concentrate so I took a very hot shower, popped two sleeping pills and slept.
When I woke up there was hardly any pain just leaving the tapers alone, and yes I left the tapers in at a larger size another dumb mistake for I do not want ugly lobes, but whenever I touched them searing pain shot through my head. After about a weak I could slip the tapers in and out with no pain at all. So I pushed through the plugs. For a few more days a little blood would still build up but nothing too terrible. And after another week they were pretty much healed. But I soon discovered in between plug cleaning that I had ripped my lobe. Yes. My left ear has a small triangle shaped dent in the bottom of it forever because I was stupid and didn't down size either. I was way to stubborn and cool for that. I'm just so lucky there wasn't anything severe I couldn't hide even when the plugs are in. The right ear on the other hand, looks perfect. A very nice O shape. With that I am pleased. But let me remind you again, chances are you WILL NOT BE as LUCKY as I was.
After waiting out the month and a half, I decided it was time to go on up to a double zero. So I waited about another week before I could get a ride from a friend and we headed up to this larger town. I saw some pretty plain metal flesh tunnels (double flare) and bought those because I liked how they looked. Again stupid I did not think to think that the flare part would be two sizes bigger than the size I was ready to go up to. So I sat for quite a good while trying to force those bad boys through before I gave up. And my friend and I headed home. Which I had another spur of determination and headed down to the bathroom to try again. After a short while, and a lot of working around a slippery tunnel. I got it through my left ear, and with about the same amount of time forced it through my right. These obviously didn't hurt as bad as my six to zero jump. But were still bad enough where I just went straight to bed afterwards. I left the double zeros in for quite some time, until they were fully healed. I made sure this time. And that's when I finally decided it was time to get some 7/16, I got some buffalo horn tunnels and a taper/ plug set. I forced the tapers through with a minimal amount of pain, it still hurt though obviously and then after each taper was through I butted the plug up behind them and pushed them through. After about a week of having my plugs in, I decided it was okay to put my Horns in. Again it wasn't that bad and I left them in. It did hurt though, again because my ear was still healing. I until just recently left them alone. But then I started putting stuff through the tunnels to weigh them down to do a slight stretch. And after that I got the tapers back out, and started rapping them with tape. Not too shabby I might admit. It doesn't hurt at all. And waiting after each rapping is a lot less than waiting after stretching a full size. But the downside is you never know what exact size you are at until you try to put the next size through.
So after about ten wrappings with some pretty thin plumbers tape, (non adhesive) I figured it was probably past ½ and somewhere in between that and 9/16 So I just a few hours ago since I lack any 9/16 plugs or tapers put a AA battery through each ear. Which is probably isn't the smartest idea, since I have no idea what size they are, but am fairly certain it's a little bigger than half an inch, but I shall be purchasing my 9/16's today, and will begin taping those in the months to come. I hope to hit an inch before next summer. And possibly get to an inch and a half to two inches by that time in the years to come.
All in all, I was stupid about stretching. And still am if you couldn't tell by what I did a few hours ago. And wouldn't advice anything I did to you. And more veteran body modders are probably shaking their heads as they are reading this. But I'm getting there. So happy stretching!


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on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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