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my beautiful daith piercing!

About two months ago I decided that I really wanted another piercing. Many of my friends had been getting new piercings, one of my best friends getting her tongue and the other her belly. They had both tried to persuade me to come and get matching piercings with them but I knew I didn't want to get something that I wasn't going to be in love with. I have my ear lobes pierced, and an upper cartilage piercing as well as my nose and nipple, all of which I had waited a while until I knew I really wanted them done. So I was really surprised with how quickly I decided to get my daith!

As I said, I had been craving a piercing for a while (I wanted some new excitement on my body!) when I found BME, and came across a daith piercing. This site really helped me confirm my decision to get it pierced! After doing some research into it I was in love with the piercing. After two weeks of reading about it, and looking at photos I went to the piercing studio that I went to for my nose and my nipple, as I knew I would be guaranteed good service and hadn't experienced any problems with previous piercings.

I was slightly nervous, as I have never been very good with pain! But I knew that I would forget about the pain once I saw my beautiful piercing. My excitement over rode my nerves, as I sat in the waiting room watching a group of girls discussing the tattoos they were getting. My piercer introduced himself, and I had to fill out a consent form with details of what I had eaten and any health problems etc. He asked if it would be ok if I had two trainees watch him pierce my ear, which I said was ok, and it was nice having a chat with them as they also had various tattoos and piercings I was curious about! Steve, my piercer, marked on my ear where he was going to pierce and checked with me that it was ok. I had wanted my piercing a little lower than where had been marked, but Steve explained there wasn't enough cartilage to pierce and there was danger my daith could grow out or being rejected. I listened to the expert and went ahead with my piercing!

I then picked out my jewellery, I opted for a captive bead ring rather than a bar bell as I preferred the look of rings thought a bar bell could get in the way. I chose a black captive bead ring with a clear gem in, which I love!! The other option was a plain silver bead ring which I wasn't too keen on. Steve later told me it was easier to grow a leg than change this jewellery so I'm glad I chose one I was happy with! Steve began telling me about how tricky this piercing was due to its position, and thickness of cartilage which started to make me feel even more nervous, but I was so determined that I wanted this piercing that I ignored his comments! Steve positioned my head to a suitable place whilst I was led on the bed, and we began talking about tattoos (I was glad for the change of subject as it distracted me!)

He put a small clamp on the area of cartilage, which caused an uncomfortable pain but nothing serious. I had been really nervous about the pain, but the clamp confirmed reviews that I had read, that all that could be felt was a lot of pressure. As Steve put the needle through I could hear the sound of bristle cracking which was quite unpleasant! But there wasn't much pain, just a lot of pressure! The most painful part was when my jewellery was put through, however it was over very quickly which I was relieved about, and there was no bleeding. I was really surprised, as I was expecting this to be my most painful piercing but it turned out to be my least (excluding my ear lobes).

I am so glad I went through with this piercing as I love it, I can't stop looking at it!! It is not very noticeable, as it is hidden in my ear but whenever I show someone they all exclaim how pretty and original it looks, as it is not a very common ear piercing. I have never seen anyone else with a daith piercing, apart from photos on the internet. I really recommend Holey Skin Studios, especially the Bristol's studio on Gloucester Road as I found everyone to be relaxed and professional which I'm sure the rest of the studios are!

Please feel free to email me with any questions about the daith piercing; I will be happy to answer them as this site helped me so much with mine!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Holey+Skin
Location: Bristol

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