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Painful Inner Conches

I had gotten into body piercings at a young age and always liked they way they looked. I had my ears gauged and my tongue and lip pierced, but wanted to get something more unusual that not everyone had. So I started researching on BME and came across the large gauge inner conch piercings. I instantly fell in love with them and waited till I was 18 so I could get them, for my mom wouldn't take me to get them after i got my tongue done. When I finally turned 18 I went to the shop I got all my piercings done and asked about dermal punching them. I was told they didn't do dermal punching in San Diego. I was pretty disappointed. They told me I could pierce them and then stretch them out, but said that you could run into problems with stretching cartilage. I decided to just get them pierced and eventually stretch them.

I had heard that conch piercings were pretty painful so I was nervous about getting it done. I was with my friend and decided it was time to get one side pierced. So we drive down to Dutch Touch and headed in. I always get nervous before a piercing, so tried to stay calm and assumed it would'nt be that painful. I filled out the form they gave me and showed them my id. Then my friend and I were taken to the back room. The piercer started telling me about the aftercare while he set up the tools to do the piercing. At this point I was pretty scared, but thought it was now or never. He marked my ear where it would be pierced. I agreed with the marking and he had me lay down.

He put the 14g needle to my ear and a receiving tube on the other, gave me the usual deep breath in and out. When I breathed out he pierced. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it was going to, but still hurt with a lot of pressure. He put the barbell in which I thought was also quite painful. I looked it over in the mirror, then paid and left. My ear was pretty sore and ached for a few days, but then started to feel better. I slept on it one night and when I woke up there was blood covering my pillow.

Three months after that I went back to get the otherside done. I figured it would be like last time so I didn't panic. I filled out the form and was led back to the back room again. I was marked then told to take a deep breath in and out. When the needle went in it was twice as painful as the otherside was, but was over quickly. I paid and left. It seemed to be healing a lot faster than my first piercing.

My conches seemed to heal at a slow pace, but don't really hurt unless I sleep on them (Which I do every night.)I cleaned them with Bactine spray. I'm not sure if that's the best thing to use, but that seemed to work on all my other piercings. I'm not a very patient person so I started thinking about stretching them before they were fully healed, which I was told was not a good idead for you could have a blowout or develop a keloid, which doesn't sound like much fun at all.

Three months goes by and I decide to stretch up a size. I go to the mall and purchase a 12g taper and two 12g barbells. I wait for a day then decide to stretch it. I cleaned the jewelry and put a lubricant on the taper. I pulled out my original barbells and inserted the taper in to one side. It felt tough unlike flesh. I continued to slowly push the taper in. It was certainly more painful than stretching my lobes, but tolerable. As I tried to follow through with the barbell the taper pushed through and fell out and I couldn't get the barbell in. To afraid to shove it in I repeated with reinserting the taper, which again fell out. On the third try I managed to force the barbell in and screw on the ball. One down one to go. I did the same on the other conch, reapplying the lubricant on the taper and slid it in the other conch which seemed to hurt about the same amount, but went in perfectly on the first try. Afterwards, they throbbed slightly, but nothing serious. I went to sle ep that night and slept on one of the sore conches which wasn't a pleasant feeling.

I'm pretty happy with my conches and can't wait to stretch them up again. I was thinking about going to 0g or 00g.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Dutch+Touch
Location: San+Diego

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