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Never-ending ear stretch

I first had my left ear pierced back in 1997. It was pierced with a gun while on holiday in Switzerland of all places (I didn't know better at the time), but it healed without issues and was really nearly painless. After that healed I played with it a lot and soon I was able to get the entire hoop through the hole (it was quite a bit thicker than the part that is meant to go through the hole), so when I got my right ear pierced 2 years later (by a proper professional), I knew that I wanted it to be thicker than a standard piercing. I showed the piercer the jewelry and he thought a 14 gauge would work. So I got the right ear done at 14 gauge and wore a 14 gauge CBR in each ear until my right ear healed. I heal quickly so it really only took about 2 weeks.

At this time I was just starting to notice other people wearing "big" earrings and I knew that I wanted to have them. I felt that they had a masculine look, so I started stretching. After about a year, I was wearing 6 gauge CBRs. I was quite happy with that for some time. However, by about 2002 I started stretching again, up to 0 gauge. My wife (at the time), hated them and insisted I take them out. And I did. I would sometimes go back up to 0 gauge, but I wouldn't keep them in. We had a friend who punched his ears straight away to a ½ inch and I convinced her to let me stretch them to that size, so I did (this is now about 2004).

Shortly after that, we became separated, my Mom died, and I decided that I'm living life for myself, not others, and considering that I have a secure professional career (and was 30 at the time) and have always been the "responsible one", that I would actually stretch my ears bigger. I thought at the time that I would go to ¾ inch, so I went to 9/16 inch, then 5/8, then 11/16 and finally ¾ inch. I was waiting about a month after each stretch, and they were pretty much painless. No blood, no blowouts, no tearing. Once I reached ¾ inch, I decided than 1 inch would be a "more even" number to get to, and there are more plugs at that size and their designs are nicer at that size. So again I gradually stretched my way to 1 inch, which I reached by the summer of 2005.

I stayed at one inch for about a year without stretching at all. I had acquired some nice jewelry at that size, but after a year at that size, they had begun to become quite loose and the jewelry would sometimes fall out, even though I slept without jewelry every night. So I decided to get a pair of 1 1/16 inch jewelry, and this got me hooked on stretching again, so I felt the urge to continue, and since I passed the even 1 inch mark, I decided to head towards 1 ½ inches. So by early 2007 I was wearing 1 ¼ inch tunnels. By the beginning of 2009 I had reached 1 ½ inches. I've continued stretching again this summer and have recently reached 1 5/8 inches and a pair of 1 ¾ inch jewelry is ready and waiting. I'm likely to reach 2 inches by next year. So, I've taken them pretty slowly, and my earlobes are amazingly healthy and thick. They are so thick that most single-flared jewelry just won't work because the ear flesh extends beyond the edge of the jewelry. Double-flared jewelry
tends to contain the flesh and provides a much better look.

It has been interesting to see other's responses to my ears. They were basically ignored until they got past 1 inch. Once at 1 ¼ inches, everybody started commenting on them. Now, at 1 5/8 inches, I constantly get amazed stares, and people tell me that they're the biggest they've ever seen. Of course, I always get the dreaded "doesn't that hurt?" Amazingly, I also get lots of compliments from all types of people as well, and I'm told that they suit "my look".

I'll point out that they really haven't affected my career. I work as a professional (an engineer), and my colleagues have long gotten used to them, and when I do need to present at conferences and meet customers, I put in the smallest plugs I can: 1 inch. They've not yet ever been a problem. I am well respected in my field, and I think that it really doesn't hurt to be considered a bit eccentric.

On one hand, I can't believe I've stretched my ears so big, yet when I see them, I still love them and envision them bigger still. Also, I have over 100 hours of tattoos, and will likely get more. But that's for another story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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