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my earlobe scalpelling, finally

First of all, I'm not mentioning the artist's name or which shop it was at because of the use of anesthetics and because I am a minor, I do not want him to get in trouble. For this story we'll call him Mo.

Okay! So I have been stretching my lobes for over a year this time around(I'd tried before when I was like 12 and uneducated) and ever since I've started stretching I've had my eyes on big lobes. Why? Sorry, I don't have an answer about them representing anything on any sort of spiritual standpoint, I just think they look really damn good.

So fast forward a bit, I had stretched slowly and was at 3/4's of an inch but they were thinning due to a mall store's beautiful job with their piercing gun, placing them very low on my lobes. Anyway, I had been at 3/4's for about 6 months and had always thought about getting my lobes scalpelled when I finally starting trying to find someone who would preform this procedure on a minor, and I did have parental consent! Regardless, finding someone willing enough was quite the task.

I finally came across an artist via Myspace who was willing to work on me since scalpelling isn't really a legal procedure for a piercer to preform in California anyway. He figured it was more of a judgment call than anything else. About a month or so after I approached Mo on Myspace, we finally scheduled a meeting for him to check out my lobes to see if scalpelling would even fix my problem.

That day my boyfriend picked me up from work for us to go to Mo's shop when I got off. It was about a 25 minute drive and I was anxious and excited the whole way there since getting my ears cut was finally a reality. We got to the shop and Mo was busy piercing someone so we sat and looked through his book and came across some pretty insane pictures of play piercing through the hand and through toes, pretty crazy but definitely off topic. Anywho, Mo finally finished piercing the kid's lobes and came out. I reminded him who I was and we talked a bit about the procedure, how many cuts would be made and where they would be, all that good stuff. Then he pulled me outside and asked me the question I was waiting to hear since I'm a pussy, "Do you want it numbed?" my immediate answer, "Fuck yea!". Well then we were clear on that, next he took a look at my lobe and took me into the back to feel for my anti-tragus. My anti-tragus was high and posed no threat to the procedure.

So finally after chit chatting for awhile, we chose a date. We decided on a month later from that day since I would be getting paid then. We chose to cut to 1 1/8 to sufficiently use all of the lobe I had hiding higher up on my ear, and we would use single flare pyrex tunnels. The procedure would cost me 100$ including plugs, I was shocked because that is a fraction of the price I was expecting! Fine with me though!

A month later we headed down to one of his other shops, not the nicest, but he had his own little sterile piercing room. The tools we were going to use were in the autoclave when we got there, so I started mentally preparing myself and decided to go ahead without the lidocaine. I wanted the whole experience, you know? So I ate my little graham crackers and just talked to Mo and my boyfriend and some other bystanders for awhile until the equipment was ready.

Finally, we went to the room and I laid back and Mo began to clean my ears with surgical scrub. He also gelled my hair back with it so it wouldn't get in the way, gross haha. Next we started the cutting. The plan was he would make one cut to get the plug in, then another so the plug would sit correctly. The first two cuts were cake, I couldn't believe how much of a pus I had been beforehand! Unfortunately, those weren't the only cuts we ended up making. Mo realized I was pierced lower than he thought and proceeded to make 4 or more cuts and remove skin. When he told me what he was going to do I was REALLY regretting not having him use the lidocaine. I clenched my teeth and wiggled my toes and yelled a bit while he continued with that ear, finally done with it. This next part I didn't even notice, the whole front flare of the plug pulled through my ear, my boyfriend told me about that afterward. Mo ended up putting sutures in that ear so everything was all good.

Next I pugged some Hawaiian Punch because I had lost blood and got woozy, not much blood but a decent amount. Then it was time for the right ear. Guess what, I had him numb that shit because I got enough "experience" out of the first lobe! haha! I never cried though which I'm really proud of. Anyways, the right lobe was nothing(obviously) and barely bled because of the epinephrine with the lidocaine.

Then we were done! FINALLY! The whole procedure took a bit over an hour but it felt like forever. I finally got to sit up and look at my new lobes, I was fucking ecstatic. I was so happy I sat through all of it and didn't wuss out during the first ear. Mo began cleaning me up and was about to wrap my ears in gauze when I told him to forget about it because my mom would want to see as soon as I got home and I was hardly bleeding anyways. So I paid Mo 130$ since that was all the cash I had on me and really appreciated all the extra work he did to make my ears look perfect. He explained aftercare which I already knew and then we were on our way home.

Today it has been a little over a month since the procedure and my ears are still a little open but I do take them out to clean them and I have about 2 fingers of space at this size. We estimated I would heal at around 1 1/2 which I am totally fine with (:

I would definitely do it again and I think anyone who needs to save their lobes should look into scalpelling. I couldn't be happier (:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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