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Finally, an industrial!

I can't remember when I first became interested in body modification, but I can remember when I first decided that I wanted an industrial piercing. At 14, I was legally old enough to have one, so long as I had my parents' permission. Unfortunately, I did not. My parents have always been pretty conservative when it comes to body modification. I mean, they wouldn't even let me have my ear lobes pierced (and by the time I was old enough to have it done without their permission, I couldn't be bothered), and god forbid I should ever even think about getting a tattoo (which is designed and ready to go!).

So anyway, back to the industrial piercing. When I first became interested in them, I spent a long time doing some research, looking at pictures, reading stories, reading up about possible complications, and so on. Even after the various horror stories, I still wanted one, and badly, but knew I would have to wait until I could do without my parents' permission. I turned 18 in April this year, and wanted to get it done then, but due to various vacations I already had planned, I delayed it for months.

When I decided that I had a suitable gap between vacations, I started looking for a good piercing studio. I live in a big city, so I had plenty of options. Eventually, I decided on Metal Morphosis, a small tattoo shop situated in my favourite store, Selfridges. I shop in Selfridges almost every week, and always walked past the shop, debating whether or not to have anything done.

Well, at this time in my life, it's time for me to move on, and decide which direction I want to head in. My parents want me to go to university and study something academic in order to get a good job. I, however, have other ideas. Because of this, I'm feeling particularly rebellious. So, one day, when I was walking past Metal Morphosis, I thought 'Screw it' and booked an industrial piercing for the week after. When I had first expressed my interest in an industrial to my boyfriend, he had said that he thought it was a great idea, and decided to get a 14g cartilage piercing himself. We booked them together.

I didn't feel nervous until the day of the piercing. I'd read a lot of stories about how much it hurt, and because I didn't have ANY other piercings whatsoever, I had nothing to compare it to. My boyfriend came over and bought some cakes for us to eat. When we arrived, we had to fill in a load of forms, and I had to show ID (because despite being 18, I still look as though I'm 15 at the oldest). The girl on the front desk wasn't too friendly, and asked us if we'd eaten in the past hour. She then asked us to take a seat, thankfully out of the way of the main shopping area. We waited about 5 minutes for the piercer, Dee, to prepare. Then she called us in and asked who was going first. My boyfriend was, because he didn't want to watch mine before he had his done. Dee was super friendly and talked us through the whole procedure.

All too soon, my boyfriend was done and it was my turn. I was really nervous by this point. Dee spent a long time marking up my ear, in order to make sure that it was perfect, and after telling me that I had a perfect ear for it (which really surprised me) she showed me the position and asked if I was happy with it. I was, so she asked me to lie on my side. I asked if my boyfriend could sit next to me and hold my hand. Dee laughed and said it was fine. She cleaned my ear and prepared the needle. I never saw the needle she used, so I have no idea how scary it looked. She told me to take a deep breath and I breathed out, she pierced the first hole. I didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. She then asked if I was ok, and when I said yes, she proceeded with the second hole. It hurt a little more than the first, but it was nowhere near unbearable. My boyfriend was squeezing my hand, and I later found out it was because his ear hurt and my piercing looked painful. The mo st painful part was threading the jewellery. It was over a lot faster than I thought, and didn't hurt nearly as much as some people said it would, although I guess people have different pain thresholds. Even Dee said I took it really well because 'it's a nasty one'.

As soon as I saw my piercing in the mirror, I loved it, and I was so pleased with myself for having it done. Dee explained how to clean it, and said that if I was ever unsure to come and see her and she'd help. She gave us a date to come back and have a check up, and then we headed out for some more food and shopping. When I got home, it's safe to say that my parents were less than impressed, but I don't care, because I love my industrial. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially because my piercer was so friendly. I've had the piercing for almost two weeks now, and although I sometimes forget it's there, and knock it, it's healing just fine, and I haven't had a negative reaction, except from my family. Even my boss at work likes it. I'd recommend Metal Morphosis to anyone, and I can't wait for my industrial to heal so I can go back for more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dee
Studio: Metal+Morphosis
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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