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So for the longest while my mom begged me to get my ears pierced. Being a male she said I would stand out from the crowd. Little did she know, by the time I finally decided to get my lobes done, every kid in school was rocking the weakest diamonds and studs you had ever seen. I didn't know many people with stretched lobes and I had always loved plugs. It so awesome to be able to wear all those awesome materials (stone wood glass silicone etc.) in your ear and everybody I knew was too lazy to order the cool stuff online, so I knew that if I took this opportunity i could start stretching and buy some sick plugs.

I went to (IM SORRY IM SORRY...Claire's..sigh) and looked like a fool being admired by all the little girls through the window and walked out with some stupid little studs. My mom was nervous at the completely safe and completely sterile idea of taking to a shop so I could have a professional use hollow needles. I didn't mention to her that I the only reason I got it done was so i could start stretching seeing that she would have a cow and go off with the "oh my god your gonna put big holes in your ears!!!".

So a couple of weeks later (I know I should have waited longer) I shoved in a 12g taper followed by a 10 gauge in my ear and they really didn't complain besides the fact that the acrylic is a difficult material to work with for stretching. USE STEEL!! Did some routine sea salt soaks and everything was hippy skippy. Then I made my next mistake. A piercer at a local shop told me that I only had to wait two weeks between stretches and that I could go two sizes at a time. What the hell did he know!!?? Both his ears were blown out and he had to have reconstructive surgery. Since my 20 gauge or 18 gauge or whatever it was pierced at gauge to 10 gauge was relatively smooth, I thought that waiting two weeks and going from 10 to 6 would also be fine. Well I started pussing and it hurt like hell but I still didn't get the point. My mom started noticing the obvious larger gauge holes and started flipping out but I had her call a "piercing shop" which was actually my friend who sounded v ery professional and assured her that everything would be fine at such a small size. She said "fine! but you have to stay at that size" and grounded me for a week...damn power trip. Back to the "I didn't get the point"...I felt that it was probably normal to have so much pain and puss from a stretch so I went out and bought a 0 gauge taper and shoved it in my 6 gauge hole until my ear was at about a 2 gauge.

Well let me tell you that was a lot of blood. I purposely bought some screw on flesh tunnels with the holes the size of a 6 gauge so my mom would be convinced that it was just the top-hat part that was so much bigger. My dad innocently asked "hey are those gauges"...I said no no no they are fake plugs thinking to myself how does he not see through the other side of my ear...hahaha. Anyways my lobes were ridiculously thin and hurt 24/7 so I sought help from a professional who politely tried to tell me how stupid I was. He said i might still have a chance of saving these paper thin lobes if I downsized back to a 10g. At this point I was so used to the still mediocre size of my 2g that wanting to go back to those tiny little things made me angry as hell. But I knew that it was what I had to do.

So I waited for a month or two for them to heal and all the tears to get nice again and stretched back to 6 gauge. Then I stretched back to 2 gauge and then stretched to 0 gauge where I remain for the time being or until I get a good job or until i say "screw the point of no return".

And the moral of the story is...patience is probably the reason that it was considered so wise to have stretched lobes and made you look so mature long long ago. If you are impatient and screw up your beautiful ears people will just look at those bruised up thin lobes and say, wow what an immature little punk. So stretch your ears or get something cool pierced and do it the right way and order your plugs from some cool site instead of wearing stupid acrylic tapers. God I hate those.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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