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2g or not to be

To start off, my name is Kate and I am a sophomore in high school. I have very conservative parents and therefore pretty much all piercings and other body modifications are out of the question until I move out. However, there's one thing that I have managed to get by with: stretching my ears. I highly do NOT recommend hiding things as big as ear stretching from your parents; but I am so in love with the process that I feel like I have no other choice.

My first (and only) ear piercings were done with a gun when I was only three or four years old, so the holes had more than sufficient time to heal up. I started stretching about a year ago. I distinctly remember sitting in Geography class with two of my friends, trying to push a 16g circular into my lobes. It was hard to do as I almost never wore earrings, and I had to push fairly hard for it to go through. They were very sore for at least a week, but I was proud of finally starting my body mod journey and I didn't mind the pain.

I kept my 16g's in for about a month, until my boyfriend bought me stainless steel 12g circulars that I could use. The night I got them, I rubbed sweet pea lotion on them and all over my ears (bad idea, my ears got pretty irritated) and then pushed those in too. At this point my ears were used to being at a 16g, and even though I skipped a size, they went in fine. They looked almost like my 16's, and my parents didn't notice.

After about two weeks, I got bored of my 12's and decided it was time to move up. I bought myself clear acrylic 10g pinchers off of Hot Topic (terrible site, I know, but I didn't know any better) and when they arrived, I lubed them up and tried to put them in my ears. This wasn't such an easy stretch, but after about five minutes of pushing and probing I got them through. 10g's looked huge to me at the time, and I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

With my 10g's, I also ordered a pair of 8g rasta tapers and matching plugs. After waiting another two weeks, I pushed those in too. Those hurt, but nothing uneventful happened, and I was finally at a size I considered respectable. However, the real challenge came when I bought my 6g pinchers and plugs. I hadn't realized that the awkward shape of the pinchers would prove to be such a challenge to get into my ears, but it was. For weeks, being the impatient person that I am, I tried to shove them in. After showers, while lubing them up, everything. They JUST. WOULD. NOT. GO. It was like I had a barrier in my ears and it was refusing to let up. So finally, I just got fed up. I took a hot shower one night, and, still naked and dripping in my bathroom, I decided I would get those suckers in no matter what. I put the pinchers up to my ears, pushed and braced myself against the pain. I heard a "pop" and the pincher was in my ear! No blood or tearing, an enormous amount of pain but t he adrenalin blocked it all. I almost didn't want to do my second ear, but I did, and I was pumped. I quickly changed the pinchers to the plugs, which hurt also because my ears kept getting stuck on the groove where the o-rings go. But since that was the only way my parents wouldn't notice, I did it anyway.

The next morning I woke up with a terrible soreness in my ears and I was afraid I had gotten a blow out. After checking in the mirror several times I decided my ears were fine, but I was still pretty freaked out. The plugs wouldn't turn when I tried to twist them, and that scared me pretty bad. However after about a week, my ears stopped hurting and my plugs twisted just fine.

After that whole ordeal, I decided I'd wait much longer to stretch to a 4. I wore my purple 6g plugs for so long that the color rubbed off and they turned white! Finally, one day, I went to the mall and got a great deal on stainless steel tapers, which I decided to buy just in case. Weeks went by and I still didn't have plugs for my 4's, and since I didn't want to wear tapers I had to wait a long time. Finally, my friend ordered me a beautiful pair of glass 4g plugs from Bodyartforms.com, and I finally stretched to a 4. It was great.

I stayed at a 4 for a long time, dreading the said painful stretch to a 2. However, I finally got a pair of acrylic tapers from the mall and a pair of black 2g spirals from my friend, and following a surprisingly uneventful stretch I was at a 2. That's the size I'm at right now, and I'm planning to stay at it for a while to let my ears heal. My parents still don't know, and I plan to keep it that way. I can't wait to reach my goal, 0's and finally have the lobes I've always wanted :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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