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Stretched My Earlobes As A Bet

Stretching, for me, began as a bet to see if I could. One day I was walking around in a Spencers and noticed some cool 12g CBRs in a case. I said, "Huh. I bet I could wear those."

My friend replied, "No way."

So I bought them thinking they would slide right in, and they didn't. I am the type of person who doesn't just let something like that go, so I went online and bought a 16g CBR and a 14g CBR and put in the 16 when it arrived. I waited a month, popped in the 14, and waited another month. After a bit of struggling, I had the 12g's in, and my friends were quite surprised! I had won the little bet.

But I still kind of wanted to keep going with it. I figured I would stop at 8, or so I told myself.

I bought some 10g tapers and popped em in, a month later I bought 8's. I had a lot of trouble with those for some reason, and ended up really jacking my ear good. It was at this point I went online and actually did some research on gauging. After learning about salt soaking, I went out and bought some non-iodized sea salt and let my ears rest.

I waited 2 months this time, because hell, I had no idea what the appropriate wait time was, and then...proceeded to buy some 6's. My excuse was that I'd always stop at the next gauge, only to end up wanting to stretch more. So I went up to 6, then 4, and finally 2.

I was smart enough to figure out that most people consider 2g to be "the point of no return", so I sat at this size for almost 6 months figuring I was completely done.

Until I saw some 0g black earskins on bodyartforms.com

Without stopping to think, I bought a 0g taper. However, try as I might, I couldn't get the damn thing through. I left it in for weeks trying to let it slowly stretch. No go. I tried the good 'ol "Ram It Through Your Ear Angrily" technique. I had to stop and let it heal for 3 weeks.

Suffice it to say I was damn frustrated. So I did the only thing I could think of. I went to have a professional do it for me!

They were very nice when I went in, and I didn't have to wait long at all. The guy had me sit on a table like thing, with everything on a tray. It was all VERY sterile, and I was feeling pretty calm surprisingly. Until he started pushing it through. At the time I thought the degree of pain I experienced was normal, and he promised it was going right through and I'd have no problems. Looking back...I think that was bullshit. I clenched my teeth for a good 5 minutes on each ear, feeling pain that I probably should not have been feeling. People were stopping to look in the window at me cursing under my breath and making faces. When all was said and done, I walked out with completely numb ears sporting 0g plugs.

That night they hurt so bad I was nauseous and couldn't sleep, and they were literally pouring pus and blood and smelled just FOUL. After stretching myself numerous times, I knew this was abnormal so I went to the doctor. They were infected. Paid $25 for some antibiotics (making the whole gauging procedure almost $70), and was extremely angry. I thought, "Hell, I paid $20 for my taper and I could of jammed it in forcefully myself!" It sounded to me like I'd been ripped off pretty good by own stupidity.

They calmed down as soon as I had taken my medicine, and I had no blowouts or anything thankfully. They looked pretty bad for awhile though, but salt-soaks took care of it.

I am now happy at 0g, possibly getting ready to go up to 00g, and I've vowed to continue self-stretching after my bad professional experience. Although I can't necessarily blame them in all honesty because hell, the infection may have been my fault! I just know that in the many times I've stretched myself, I'd never had an issue. That was the only time. So I guess I'll let you decide.

The total amount of time I spent getting to this point was 2 years, and that's how it should be, to those of you looking to stretch. Even though I did no initial research, I managed to do everything exactly right purely on instinct. I waited plenty of time between stretches and stopped when my ears told me to stop.

And you should listen to your ears too! They'll tell you a lot. :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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