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Industrial Strength

Since I was 15, I had been interested in piercings and body modification. At the time I went in for my industrial piercing, I was already the proud canvas for 5 ear piercings and an eyebrow ring.

I had known a few people with industrial piercings and I had always admired them, and I wanted something a bit out of the mainstream for my 2nd professional piercing.

My piercer first asked me how I would like the industrial to go: vertical or horizontal, and on which ear. I decided on a horizontal industrial piercing, and the piercer held industrial bars of different lengths against my ear to determine which length would be best for my ear size. After finding one slightly longer than necessary (in order to allow for any swelling), the piercer told me to hop up into the chair. I did literally HOP into the chair, as I was flushed with adrenaline and anticipation.

The piercer told me to turn my head slightly away from him, so my right ear was more accessible.

"Take a deep breath and hold it", he instructed. I did, and focused on the white center of pain as the needle made the first leg of its journey through the cartilage of my ear.

"Fin mother fin ct,", I exclaimed, to the laughter of the piercer and those waiting in the lobby.

"First hole down", he said.

He lined up the bar in my ear, and the feeling of new metal on flesh was satisfying.

I didnt see what he did then, but in a moment he was telling me to take another deep breath in preparation for the second hole.

This time I was better prepared, and could hold onto and enjoy the stinging satisfaction of adding a new window to my proverbial temple.

A moment later, the piercer said "all done, now I just have to screw the ball on".

After he had done so (gently, and easily), he told me to sit up slowly to avoid blood rushing to the spot too quickly and causing excess bleeding.

Once I was sitting and he was examining my ear, he said that he was surprised because I was the first person he had given an industrial to who had not bled at all. I was surprised as well, because my eyebrow had bled quite a bit, as had my other piercings.

The piercer went over basic care of my new piercing with me, told me to call if I had any problems, and sent me out into the world again.

It's been a few weeks since I recieved my piercing, and it is still a little sore.

It went through a period of redness and swelling, and due to neglect I'm fairly certain it was badly infected for about 3 days. The skin was hot to the touch, my hearing seemed slightly diminished, and the swelling was excessive. I felt sick and feverish. At the first signs of infection, however, I paid it special attention and extra washing and tenderness quickly cleared it up. (I went through a package of cutips (for cleaning around the bar and the ends), a box of sterile cotton rounds, and a bottle of antibacterial soap.)

I've bumped it a few times, or gotten it snagged in my hair, and it has bled a small amount. Snagging it in my hairbrush was the worst. I also woke up once in the middle of the night to my boyfriend pulling on that ear in his sleep. The pain woke me up and I punched him in the chest until he stopped. He doesn't remember this incident, but my ear was sore all morning the next day.

I'm keeping it clean,turning it every so often, and enjoying it. It is my favorite piercing thus far, and I'm considering getting a vertical industrial in my left ear once this one is entirely healed.

My industrial has been the most painful of the piercings I have recieved to date, but since I've had it done I can't wait to get more.

Getting pierced is, for me, akin to sexual pleasure. There is sensual pain, a climax, and at the end...catching your breath and feeling exhilarated and free. After getting my industrial, I was on top of the world, invincible alive heightened excited calm satisfied.

Overall, this was an extremely positive experience for me.

I would definitely repeat this experience. To anyone thinking of getting an industrial, I would say that the main thing to remember is, as with any piercing, cleanliness and care should be top priorities.

In a few weeks, I'm going to change the bar to one I bought online. It has a spiral in the center that resembles the infinity symbol, and I'm really excited about being able to wear it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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