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A Long Awaited Piercing.

It was around the summer of my freshman year in high school that I began to take an interest in body piercing. At that time, all I had was one set of simple lobe piercings that had been done when I was 10 or 11. My parents were, and still are to a bit of a lesser extent, extremely traditional and pretty much against any sort of piercings. I decided to aim low for my first battle-a second set of holes in my lobes. So, long story short-I asked, got turned down, waited a few months-for around a year. Finally, the summer after my junior year my younger sister was allowed to get her lobes done, and I was taking her. I presented my case to my mom again, and she finally caved. One small victory for me!

Of course, by the middle of my senior year, I was itching for another piercing. I asked my parents again if I could get a piercing for my 18th birthday. The original answer was no...darn. So, from that point to the fall of my sophomore year in college, I would bring up the topic at strategic points. Answers varied from "Let me think about it" to "What are you going to have to look forward to when you're 21 if I let you do everything now?" to "Let me do research on this" and everything in between. At this point I had decided that I wanted an industrial in my left ear. Well, the thought of her daughter having a bar in her ear...well that was just unthinkable! She asked family members who she knew would side with her what they thought of body piercings. I had to lower the stakes... I decided to lower the request to a cartilage piercing. This allowed me some new answers, but still not the one I wanted.

Finally, the summer before my sophomore year in college, my mom started to accept it. The only shadow on the light at the end of the tunnel was "Well, I'd feel better if you went to someone we knew to get it done." Darn. The only people she knows that do piercings do them with a gun, and I was not doing that. After informing her of all the risks involved in piercing with a gun, of proper piercing procedure, what I was going to look for in a studio, and the risks that were still possible, she finally gave in...but not quite. I got the "Let your father make the decision" speech.
My dad and I are really close, and we usually get along. He had never expressed his own objection to piercings, but had been very open about his objection to tattoos. I was kind of hesitant to bring up the subject of him because I didn't know what kind of reaction to expect. Finally, two days ago, I just asked the question. He was surprisingly very cool about it and said that "I was a big girl and I could make that decision." My dad, unlike my mom, realizes that being 19 and being away at college warrants a bit more freedom. My dad also trusts my judgment-I've been quite successful overall (I mean, who doesn't screw up once in a while) in making my own decisions. So, I called my best friend, and she was going to go with me to finally get my next earring.

I decided to stop in a local shop (which I have decided not to name) to see what kind of vibe I got from it. The artists listed great experiences on their website, so I figured it was worth a shot. The second I walked in the door I knew it was not the place for me. The entire shop had carpeted floors, the piercing table and tattoo chairs were out in the open-not even 3 feet from the waiting room, if you could call it that. It smelled faintly of tobacco smoke, even though the sign said "No Smoking" on the door, I saw no sign of an autoclave or sharps container, there was no jewelry on display. So, I asked how much it would be for a helix piercing to be polite and walked out.

I knew of Lark Tattoo from some friends who had gone there and had nothing but good things to say about it. I remembered they were in Albany, a short drive from where I live, and looked them up online. Sure enough, there was Lark Vegas Piercing. The pictures of the shop on the website looked very nice, so I decided to give it a shot. I called the shop and the woman who answered the phone was very polite and happy to answer my questions. She informed me the price of a helix and said that she would be able to take me as late as 7:20 PM; after that they shut down the piercing room to sterilize everything. So, I called my friend and informed her of the slight change in plans. I picked her up and we were off to get my new piercing! When I got there, I got a very nice relaxed vibe. The shop front was very organized and had a wide variety of jewelry on display. She showed me the forms that explained that they used single-use needles, they would open up the packaging in front of me, etc. I signed the waiver that showed I was not pregnant, not allergic to latex, etc., etc., etc. As I finished up the paper work, she went into the piercing room to get prepare and said she would come out to get me as soon as she was ready. After a few minutes, she took me back to the room, marked the placement of my ear just as I asked (and was very patient when I asked her to move it three times), and talked me through each step. On went the clamp, she said "Just a little pinch," and it was over. That was what it felt like...someone pinching me very briefly. I felt a little pressure and stinging as she put the CBR in and closed it with the ball. After making sure I wasn't feeling dizzy, she let me walk to the mirror and see it ...it was perfect! She instructed me again on after care (antibacterial soap twice a day, don't play with it, etc.) and what to expect, made sure I understood that I shouldn't hesitate to come back if I ever had any questions or problems, and then I paid for the piercing ($56.20 w/jewelry) and a bottle of H2Ocean ($10 I think? Good stuff!). I also gave her a good tip because she was so nice. I walked around the mall right after this and had no problems at all with it. It's a little sore if I bump it and when I clean it, but that is to be expected. This will be my second night with it and no problems so far.

I would recommend Lark Vegas Piercing to anyone in the Albany Area. I will definitely be returning there for my future piercings and will recommend it to any friends interested in body piercings. They also have a great variety of jewelry if you're looking for something new!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Rebecca
Studio: Lark+Vegas+Piercing
Location: Lark+Street%2C+Albany%2C+NY

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