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Conch piercing and healing.

Well like everyone else let me start off by saying I've had a few other piercings, 4 lobe holes (1st ones 7/16ths, 4th ones retired) and I had a self done septum when I was like 15 (Also retired, not recommend at all, I was young and I obviously could not pierce a straight line to save my life.)

It was my 18th birthday and definitely time for a legit piercing; nothing gunned or homegrown. I was much more interested in piercings when I couldn't actually go out and get one on my own, but now seeing as I'm in my second year of college and at a full time job I chose not to go too crazy. I've wanted a conch piercing for a few months or so, it wasn't spur of the moment or anything.

So after picking up my friend and buying some scratch tickets we were off to get my piercing. I've taken friends to Pins and Needles before, and I like the piercers there a lot; very friendly and clean. A little over a month earlier my friend had got her tongue pierced their so she bought a new tongue ring while I filled out my paper work and and paid ($45, including jewelry and aftercare). Someone spoke with me about aftercare and then told me I could sit and wait. The wait time took less time than it took me to finish scratching my scratch ticket.

So my friend and I went back to the piercing room, I wasn't too nervous. Craka, was my piercer who is a very nice guy, and there was an apprentice who's name I don't recall. I was forewarned that this would not be the most fun piercing to heal. I wanted a CBR but he told me a barbell would heal better, so I went with that. He asked if I planned on stretching it which I don't, so we decided to pierce it at 14g. I watched him clean everything, and then we discussed placement, I chose to have it placed like across from my tragus so a cbr would fit it well when I can change it.

The piercing hurt some, but it was not the worst pain of my life. They used something to receive the needle with rather than any kind of clamp. I bled a little and the popping noise was loud. Transferring from the needle to the jewelry was kind of painful also. They had me sit for a minute afterwards. Craka changed my friends tongue ring, I tipped him, and we were on our way.

The aftercare the provided me with was Dr. Piercings aftercare swabs, which are cool q-tips were you crack one end off and an antiseptic flows down and soaks the other end of the swab. I was told to clean it with those 3 times a day, and with soap and water twice a day. After about a week, I've taken it down to about two of each a day (it's cold and dry here in Massachusetts, it got to be too much cleaning for my ear), and occasionally wiping the crusties off with a dry q-tip. I'm also very fidgety so I find it hard to not touch it but I'm getting better at it. Although I move a lot when I sleep I've managed to avoid sleeping on my left side, and should I decide to I arrange my pillows so they don't actually touch my ear. I've worn my hair up every day since getting it, which is kind of nice because I haven't bothered to straighten my hair much in almost two weeks.

At first it was just a small annoying pain like a little cut. Around day 4 I whacked it when I was yawning, waking up. Day 5 and 6 were when the crusties started developing so those were the painful days, but nothing some extra strength tylenol couldn't control. Now it's day 12 and I've definitely notice the amount of crusties has decreased (crusties drive me nuts! I hate having them on my ear.) So far it has kind of hurt when I clean it because I have to move it around.

Overall it's been a good experience, no unbearable pain or infection or anything. In about a month I'm gonna go back to Pins and Needles and get something on my right ear pierced like my tragus, or maybe a snug or a rook, I haven't decided by I feel like it looks empty on my right side. Aesthetically I think it's a nice piercing, so if you're thinking about getting one I'd recommend it as long willing and able to take care of it. I'd also recommend Pin and Needles for people looking for piercings in MA, it's a nice place.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Craka
Studio: Pins+and+Needles
Location: Massachusetts

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