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Two cartilage at once? Not such a good idea.

I have thirteen piercings most of which are self done and all of which I've had little to no trouble with so when I decided I wanted two cartilage piercings (piercings number 14 and 15) next to each other getting them both at the same time didn't seem like a horrible idea. However since I am sixteen I still live with my parents who hate piercings which makes getting them a problem. I don't like doing cartilage piercings myself because its hard to see exactly what your doing and no one like uneven piercings so I usually have one of my friends do them for me.

I had wanted two on my left year for a while but I was waiting for my industrial (done by the same friend) in my right ear to heal first so I would be able to sleep on my side. So about 7 months after I got my industrial I went to get my next two. We decided to do both at once because cartilage takes a few hours to swell and why not just do both at once?

A deep breath and suddenly the earring is in. (On a side note: my friend complemented me on being the best person he's pierced because pain does not phase me). I chose 14 gauge captive bead rings for the simple reason of they were the only jewelry I had two of. We decided to wait to put the bead on because the opening was small enough that there was pretty much no was it could fall out of my ear and putting the ball in would tug at the new hole. Then we waited for an hour before doing the next one just in case something went wrong. At the time this seemed like a good idea but its what did it in for my second piercing.

An hour later I came back with my second captive and I sat down. Another deep breath and the needle was through. It hurt a bit more than the first because my ear was sore from the first one but it wasn't bad at all. And then he tried to get the jewelry in. When your ear (or anything else where there's a piercing) swells it causes the hole to curve which isn't a problem when the jewelry is already in because it holds its place but in this case the jewelry was not in and just would not go all the way through. As I noted earlier pain doesn't bother me so I just told my friend to keep trying (yeah I know, it wasn't a good idea). It started bleeding a lot. My ear was covered in blood and it was dripping down my shirt and onto my pants not to mention all over the floor and my hair was matted with blood. When it started to look like a murder scene we gave up and called another friend up to bring us lots of paper towel.

I wore my hair up so it would not get caught and tug on my new piercing and I couldn't quite get all the blood off so for the rest of the day I got a lot of questions. That night when I got home I managed to get the bead in after a few tries.

I still had not given up on my second piercing though. A week later we decided to redo it. This is probably much too soon but I wasn't willing to wait. I sat down, flipped the first ring out of the way. And then the second one was done. However, my friend didn't think he would be able to get the captive in as they are unfortunately shaped to not fit in ears. So I ended up with a 14 gauge taper in my ear which poked the back of my neck all day and got caught in my hair and was just generally not fun. When I got home I tried to put the captive in but had the same problem my friend had earlier, it was just too hard to make it fit around an ear. I ended up putting in a regular hoop which had dice instead of balls so it looked really weird. A day later I managed to get the captive and the bead in.

Its been about a month maybe a little bit more and they are both healing really well. Much better than I would have expected in fact.

I don't know if there should be a disclaimer or something at the end of these but anyway here it is. I love self piercing and I'm not allowed to get piercings because of parental restrictions but do not pierce your self your let your friends pierce you if you/they don't know what your doing or dot have the right equipment. I've been lucky that this worked out well as did my other piercing adventures however not everyone is so don't take the chance if you aren't prepared for it to go wrong.


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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