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Tragus Piercing = Love.

I've had quite a love for piercing for a while now. I had my ears done when I was little, and pierced my own second and third sets of lobe holes myself. Then, just before i turned 15, I had my navel pierced.

Since then, I had gone over a bunch of piercing that I thought i wanted, but wasn't quite sure. One day, and I'm not sure how I decided on this, but I decided I wanted to pierce my tragus. I can't remember where I first saw the piercing. Maybe here on BME, or come to think of it, a peer helper in one of my classes last year had it done. I just remember thinking it looked so good. I also kind of liked it because it's a piercing that can make more than one statement. Sometimes it really looks punk and rebel, but other times it can look so pretty and feminine. And I liked the fact that I had seen few people with it done and it would be more unique than my other piercing.

Before getting it done I decided to look into it. I searched on Google for experience stories, completely forgetting that BME would be a better place to look. One source someone had written that there are no nerve endings in the tragus, meaning that the piercing won't hurt at all. Another source said that since there is so little flesh, the tragus would not bleed when pierced. I don't know why I believed this, probably just excitement.

Planning to get the piercing was spontaneous, my sister and I decided one day that the following Saturday we would go get pierced. We called in and went.

I was hardly nervous at all the day I got my tragus pierced. I walked into the shop and filled out the forms expecting to break out into nervous shakes or start doubting or changing my mind, but I didn't. The piercer came out, her name was Jenni. I really liked her. She explained everything and gave me a complete breakdown of the process. She seemed really knowledgeable, and she really knew what she was doing. I have tiny traguses, but she still managed to place the piercing really well.

She got the tools ready, and asked which side and got ready to pierce. She placed a clamp on my tragus, which I found to be somewhat uncomfortable, but just a little bit. She placed the needle to my tragus, and told me to take a deep breath in. As I breathed out she pierced my tragus. It was a nice sharp pain, but it only hurt for a second. My sister was in the room and asked how it felt, to which I replied "Not as bad as I expected." She placed the jewelry in the needle and pulled it through.

Well, it wasn't over yet. As soon as the clamps came off of my tragus, it began to bleed—a lot. I could feel her playing with my ear, and I began to wonder what was taking so long. By this point my ear felt hot, and felt like it was swelling, but it still barely hurt.

My piercer explained that when a piercing bleeds a lot, it can push the jewelry out, and that she would have to try and put it back in. This was unsuccessful. She explained that she would re-clamp and try again. The clamp hurt this time because my tragus was already quite swollen. I experienced quite a bit of pain as she tried to place the jewelry back in the piercing. She then explained that the hole was too swollen and she would have to repierce the hole. She did that, and it hurt about twice as much as the first time. She told me after repeircing the hole that part of the pain was a result of a curved needle. Not knowing a lot about the piercing tools, I immediately thought a curved needle was a needle in the shape of a 'C'. I was wrong. It is actually 'L' shaped, which explains why the pain was more intense at one point in the piercing than the rest.

Finally, she said all she had to do was screw the ball onto the piercing and it would be over. This took a couple of minutes because a tragus piercing is in an awkward spot. She dropped one ball, and had to get out a new one, but finally the piercing was done. I stayed lying down for a second, just to make sure I wouldn't get the same dizzy feeling I got when I stood up after my navel piercing. When I finally sat up, and walked over to the mirror I felt great. At first I thought placement of my piercing was too high, but now, I love where it is.

It's been about two months since I had the piercing done. I still love it and have never once felt regret about getting it. It was definitely worth the complicated process. Every time someone sees my tragus piercing, they compliment on it. I can't describe just how many people have told me it completely suits me, and I constantly have people telling me how brave I am for getting it done. I've been able to sleep on the piercing with no trouble as well, but I still haven't attempted to put an earbud in that ear as it is not fully healed. I clean the piercing twice a day with either salt water solution or bactine and I wash it with Spectro Jel in the shower. The biggest difficulty with the piercing is showering. It's difficult to rinse shampoo from your hair and not get it on your tragus. I also never noticed how roughly I place a phone to my ear to talk until I got my tragus pierced, but I've learned not to now.

I definitely recommend getting a tragus piercing to anyone who has thought about it but is still unsure.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jenni
Studio: Lucky+Devil
Location: Newmarket%2C+Ontario

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