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pretty lil DIY forward helix

As a little rather naive twelve year old I thought it would a good idea to pierce my right lobe for a third time, of course the day after I got scared that my mum would find out and so I took out. I found out she was strictly against any more piercings (at all!) after I begged her to let me get my nostril done (bad idea to do it so young me thinks). Anyway flash forward three years, I'd like to think I'd be a bit more sensible about my well being...wrong!

Two weeks ago, I got the third hole in right lobe re-pierced by a shiny gun (not good, but the only way I can get it done aged 15). I got it done on a bit of a whim cause one of my friends was just getting her lobes done for the first time (aged 17!!) Of course this reawakened my obsession with piercings and I became desperate for another one, my heart set on a forward helix. It was subtle and quite uncommon – perfect! Now, I know I'm stupid, but I'm not THAT stupid so I know it would be a poor idea to try and get it done with a gun cause I hear it can go badly wrong so the only other (current) option was to do myself. The idea hit me two days ago when I throwing a sickie at school so I went on the hunt for the biggest sewing needle in the house. After I found one I put it in a mug with some boiling water and some dettol along with a reasonably sharp earring, which I got when I got my first lobes done in a jewelers when I was like nine. I made sure the area I was using was as clean as possible and even disinfected the mirror I was using! I showered, tied my hair back into a bun then marked my helix with my eyeliner pencil, deciding it best not to use ice (makes it tougher?). I was pretty relaxed as, as I mentioned before, I'd pierced my ear before along with my tongue web which I let close due to a lack of a proper barbell. Taking a deep breath I shoved the needle threw my ear until I could feel it pointing out the other side. After wiggling it about for a bit, I removed the needle then tried to poke the earring in the hole. I think it was actually the earring that pierced it right through, as when I pushed it in there was a loud popping noise which I don't remember sounding so loud!

And volia! There was forward helix piercing in my ear! No blood, it wasn't swollen, didn't even hurt! I put the backing on with no difficultly at all and washed the area with some ear piercing solution I got from Claire's ages ago. I've now been cleaning it with salt water for two days now and it seems to be healing nicely. I can twist it round with very little discomfort though; obviously it still feels a little tender. Sleeping hasn't been a problem yet as I've got used to not sleeping on that side cause of my recent lobe addition (I had an awful night of insomnia after getting my lobe done :-/). The only minor problem is hiding from my mum, which will be fine as I have rather long, messy hair. I know DIY piercing is REALLY not the way to go but I will take all responsibility if it gets infected or worse, so I'm not advocating sticking a random needle in your ear. I am cleaning my new piercing regularly and I think it's looking fab, no complications so far, personally I th ink that my placement Is purrfect. I think that I'll definitely change it to a circular barbell once it heals which I estimate will be in about 2, 3 months maybe?? I also think I'm gonna tell most people I got it done professionally so not to freak them out. If this piercing heals successfully I may consider piercing my helix twice in the same ear, but in the standard place this time, or I could just wait 5 months and get it done professionally, but I'm FAR too impatient for that! Plus doing it yourself makes the piercing feel extra special, in my opinion anyway.

I'm still determined to get my nostril piercing which I've wanted for soooo but somehow I don't think I'll go near my face with sewing needle just yet. Also planning on getting my tragus in my right ear done which I'll also get professionally. My friend wants to get her eyebrow, nostril and maybe lip pierced so I'll probably tag along with her =P


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: bedroom
Location: Scotland%2C+UK

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