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My rook piercing.... yay!

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting on the computer, deciding if i should go for a daith piercing, or a navel piercing. Then, I discovered the Rook piercing. I instantly fell in love with it, it looked fantastic, and people said it would suit me. I decided I would borrow twenty pounds from a friend and go and get it done on Saturday morning. I wasn't worried about the pain, as I have a very high pain tolerance, and didn't feel any of my other piercings.

I was going with a friend who was getting her first piercing, so most of the way there I was telling her that it wouldn't hurt, and she'd be fine. We finally got to the piercing studio, and went and sat in the waiting room. Then, someone came over to us, and we told him the piercings we wanted, and he gave us the relevant forms. After filling them out, we waited about another 10 minutes, and then got called into the studio.

First, I watched my friend get her ear lobes pierced, which went fine, and then it was my turn. First, he gave me an antiseptic wipe to wipe my whole ear with, I'm guessing they do that to everyone and not just people with dirty ears. I got in the chair, which looked simular to a dentist's chair, and he marked a spot on my anti-helix, and asked me if it was alright. I got up and looked in the mirror. It was little far in, but I said it was fine, because it would have taken a while to get the dot out of my ear and find a place I liked, because it's quite hard to point to. I then went and sat back down again, and tilted my head so he could pierce it properly. I wasn't sure what needle he used, as I wasn't watching because I had my eyes shut, I get quite scared of massive needles even though I have diabetes.

He numbed it with the spray, which hurt more than the actual piercing itself, as quite a lot of it went down my ear, and was freezing, however, I think it was meant to do this. The next thing that happened was that I felt was quite a sharp pain in my ear. This was fine, as it only lasted a few seconds. Just pinch your anti-helix quite hard for about ten seconds, and that's what it feels like. Then he got up, presumably to go and get the ring. He then did what i can assume as pulled the needle out of my ear and replaced it with a ring. This didn't hurt at all.

I had no choice over the jewelery put in, but I didn't mind this, as I quite like the ball closure rings. He then gave me a tissue to soak the blood up with, but I was lucky, and very little blood came out of it. I stood up, feeling a little shaky, and thanked him.

We walked out into the waiting room and there were some people in there who wanted to see my new piercing. I showed them, and they called me a "nutter". I didn't really mind this, I got the piercing so that people could see what my personality's like.

I got it done 2 days ago now, and in that time it's bled once, which was this morning when I woke up and there was quite a bit of dried blood around it. I'm assuming that this is normal.

I clean it with saltwater 2 or 3 times a day, and that seems to be working. The area around it is a little sore at times, but nothing unbearable. My parent's still haven't found out, and I'm hoping they won't.

If there's anyone out there wanting to get one of these, but unsure about the pain, then don't worry, to be honest it hurts no more than an ear lobe piercing.

I paid twenty pounds for it, which I think is quite a good price, and I would do it again to get my other one pierced. Did I mention I got it pierced in my left ear?

Out of a pain factor, I'd give it 4 out of 10, but this is only for a few seconds, and then you can just feel a dull pain, like if you get stung by a stinging nettle.

There's lots of different jewelery I'm planning to get for it, I can use any ball closure ring I want. First, I have to leave the ring in my ear for about six months though, which I'm fine with.

Overall, I'd say go for it, and it's looks really nice, and is very easy to care for. Get it done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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