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My Lovely Snug Experience

I'd been wanting a unique piercing in my ear for some time, but wasn't sure what it would be. I needed another piercing to help balance out the number of piercings in each of my ears. I'd seen a rook and daith piercing and thought that perhaps those would be something a little different I could try. But I wasn't exactly convinced they were what I wanted. I needed to find that one piercing that stood out from all the rest. As I did some research and poking around the internet I came upon the snug piercing. I had never seen anything like it before or on anyone I knew. It was so unique that I knew I had to get it. My ears had the perfect shape to them to pull off this piercing. It was the one piercing that stood out from among the rest.

Once I finally decided to go in and have it done, I went to the same piercing studio I have always gone to for my piercing needs, Silver Safari. They'd done my navel, tragus, and conch with great success so I felt safe in going to them. The shop is extremely sanitary and everyone there has always been very friendly and helpful to me.

When I mentioned what I wanted done they had never even heard of it before! Looking back on it now, I'm surprised that this didn't scare me out of still having it done, but in the end it didn't set me back. I knew it was what I wanted and I had to have it. The girl doing my piercing said she was most definitely up for doing it and even gave me a discount since it was her first time performing this specific piercing.

When it came time to finally have it done I was obviously a little nervous. It's a very thick piece of cartilage and I knew it wouldn't exactly be painless. It was also the first time anyone was performing this piercing in this studio so I wasn't sure how quickly she would get it pierced through the cartilage. But I took in a deep breath as she poked the needle through my left ear and in about 2-3 seconds it was through the cartilage. It hurt, but not nearly as much as I had expected. Thankfully she made it very quick and didn't hesitate in what she was doing. She also had enough foresight to use a curved barbell which I later found out is the preferred type of jewelry for a snug.

Once the piercing was done she took some pictures for her portfolio. I remember she and her co-worker were so impressed by how unique this piercing was that they were both deliberating getting a snug done themselves. Once she was done with the pictures she gave me follow up care which included cleaning it with a special solution they had given me, refraining from touching it as much as I possibly could, and not changing or taking out the jewelry for three months. After being given these instructions I was on my way.

The first few months of healing time were a little rough. It was much more sore than my tragus or conch had ever been. There was no way I could lay on my ear while sleeping. Even touching it to clean proved to be a bit painful. I had to remind my boyfriend to be careful around my left ear so as not to irritate it or cause me additional pain.

After about 3 months I actually started becoming afraid that it wasn't healing properly because it was still feeling sore. It was very hard for me to refrain from touching and fiddling with it frequently which I believe may have hindered the healing process somewhat. There were times when it would become swollen and even puss a little. Once I was finally able to keep myself from touching it, it began to get better, but it still felt a bit sore. As I read around I found that it wasn't uncommon for a snug to feel sore and have trouble healing for up to six months.

Well, it's been six months now and my snug is feeling very well. It does feel a little tender from time to time, but it looks beautiful and feels great. I can sleep on it without any pain or discomfort. I've received numerous compliments on it from friends and strangers who appreciate it's uniqueness and how well it sits on my ear.

I do not regret this piercing at all and it has become my favorite of all the piercings I have.

To anyone who may be thinking of getting this piercing and isn't sure, just go for it. Go to a piercer you can trust and I guarantee that you will not regret having this unique piercing in your collection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Silver+Safari
Location: Spokane%2C+WA

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