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My lovely industrial piercing!

Since my ear lobes have been pierced on each ear in the past, I would like to taste of another body piercing. However I enjoyed belly button piercing twice (or two attempts!) and surface piercing but the end wasn't good and I had to remove barbell. I also had upper cartilage piercing twice in the past but I had to remove it because of personal reason.

Now I am living alone and I would like to do another type of body piercing so I researched at both BME & Youtube to find right one for me. In the end I found industrial piercing is the right one for me, because it looks "cool" compared to other piercings!

Now I am living at Stoke-On-Trent but sometimes I had to visit Birmingham. Today, when I arrived at Birmingham New Street station and on the way to bus stop, I saw Blue Banana offering body piercing for only 15 quid! I do not think I can find body piercing for that price anywhere in the UK! So I decided go for industrial piercing as long as price is right.

When I entered Blue Banana, I was very nervous so I left for calm down and I re-entered. When I re-entered Blue Banana, I straight went to desk for price and they said exceptional of genital piercing, only 15 quid so I decided go for industrial piercing.

Before I filled the form, they asked me to choose the barbell ring for piercing. There were choices of colour but I went for pink, because it looks better than other colour for me. After I filled the form, I paid money and received receipt with aftercare but I had been told that I should wait 30 minutes before piercing time.

During 30 minutes, I looked around the store and waited for a big moment!

After 30 minutes of waiting, it was time for piercing!

I already have piercing history at Blue Banana, when I enjoyed navel piercing but it didn't go well so I had to remove it but this time another piercing.

Piercer was a woman but I do not know her name.

She asked me to sit down on hospital style chair (?) and after that she marked two points on two sides of my upper side of my left ear. As soon as she marked, it was piercing time!!!!

I never experienced most painful piercing before even both navel & upper cartilage piercing but this was different story compared to industrial piercing.

When a piercing needle entered my upper cartilage ear, I felt very uncomfortable and hurt so I wish it is done as soon as possible but it is not even done when a piercing needle finally passed my ear. It is time to insert bar into plastic needle or something like that so another painful time for me.

After long painful time, when she said I can see my new industrial piercing on a mirror, I could not wait for it and when I saw it on a mirror, it looks lovely!

I thought they are going to use normal stain but they used colourful one and I would like say thanks for that, because it looks greater than not coloured one!

After industrial piercing, every time I looking at mirror it look great, every time I touch it, I really cannot believe it! (I washed my hand before I touched it!) and I really do not mind what people going to say about my new body piercing. I am just love it but I am really worry about aftercare as it is very hard to look after, especially when I spend very busy time but I will try my best. Additionally I have another worry, which is when I get some sleep.

I should not get sleep on the left side as I probably face painful after I wake up or I may get wake up at anytime. However when my upper cartilage piercings done in the past, I had no problem on when I sleep even it was just stud on my each ear but this industrial piercing is barbell, NOT stud. So I think story may be different!

Now I cannot wait to show my new piercing to everyone tomorrow but as I said before I do not mind people say about my new piercing. I am now changing my personality and what I am look like. Some people say I am looking like a child but now I am 21 years old university student and I really do not wish to hear about it.

In my opinion, body piercing is new way to show you and transform yourself as well and I am very proud I have done it despite some failure in the past.

So my advice is, do not be nervous and just go for your new body piercing also enjoy it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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