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My industrial experience

Well, i don't know where to start here. I've been into body modification for a few years now. I don't really know how it all got started, but here I am writing and reading BME experiences. My parents are really anti piercing. I somehow convinced my mom to let me get my second holes in 8th grade, which was done at Claire's (don't make the same mistake I did),and the lady that did it did not know what she was doing, and one got ripped out of my ear and the back fell off the other one. To me it didn't really matter because they were crooked anyway, but still I wish that that didn't happen.

Well fast forward about 3-4 more years, and I was about to turn 16. I had wanted my cartilage pierced for 2 years and my mom had said yes, but she kept putting off taking me, so there I was about to turn 16 and no piercing. I asked her again for my 16th birthday and she agreed, I think partly out of guilt. I got 2 rings at the top. THe experience is on here somewhere. Those never did end up healing,for one reason or another, and so after about 7 months, I had them taken out.

I was really discouraged, but still wanted to try something else. Well I had wanted my industrial for quite some time, but my mom said no the first time I asked her, so I just let it go and was going to wait till I turned 18. I just couldn't wait that long. I got all of my evidence together, and presented my case to my mom about why I wanted it, and the risks/benefits. She must have been impressed, because she said yes.

So, I got the forms notarized, and my mom and I were on our way. For my double helix I had went to Inksmith & Rogers, but this time I decided to go somewhere different. A place that one of my best friends recommended called Carribbean Connections. That place has everything, including clothing, shoes, and jewelry. So I went up to the counter and said that I wanted my industrial pierced. The guy there gave me some more forms to fill out, and then showed me my jewelry that I would have put in, a 14g 1.5 inch barbell. It looked amazing! I was so excited.!

Fast forward through a few minutes of waiting, and then the guy who was going to pierce me called me back. I was nervous kind of, but I tried not to show it, and tried to stay calm. It's kind of hard to stay calm when you realize that a 14g barbell is going to shoved through your ear.

Even though I had had my double helix pierced before, I still didn't really know what to expect. I sat on this table, like the ones you sit on when you go to the doctor. He first cleaned my ear, and then marked it. I liked the placement, so the rest didn't take long. The whole thing went so much faster than I expected. Just seconds after he had marked my ear he had the needle lined up with the markings. That's when I was thinking "oh crap". And the he began to shove it through the top of my ear. It hurt. I will not lie to you and say that it didn't because it did. It hurt worse than my double helix, but it was over quick. Inserting the jewelry hurt worse, and my ear was killing me! I thought "Oh, well it's over with now.", and then I saw him take another needle out and i said aloud, "Great, part two." I don't really remember what it felt like except that it hurt, just like the top one, but maybe a little less.

Afterwords, he gave me an aftercare sheet, and then explained to me what to do and not do. He asked if I had any questions, which I didn't so after that we left, and my ear was killing me. I think it will be worth it in the long run, but as of now, I am in a lot of pain. If you are thinking about getting your industrial, I say go for it, sure it hurt, but it was quick and bearable, and it looks so good in the end! But whatever you do, don't get your cartilage pierced with a gun. Your cartilage could shatter and it takes it longer to heal, and is more prone to infection. I would definately recommend Carribbean Connections if you are ever in that area, they are awesome and did a great job on my industrial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: Jordannnnn@whoever.com



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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