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From Mildly Wild to Wildly Mild

I always thought that earrings on my lobes would look weird, like a boy trying to look like a girl, I'm not sure what made me feel that way. I also always avoided getting my ears pierced because my sisters had such painful experiences especially with turning the earrings and crusties, they would scream when they had to get them turned, and I just thought nothing was worth that pain. About a year ago I got my first piercing, technically a two gauge dermal punch in my helix, and I expected that to be it in the piercing scene for me. But suddenly I just started buying earrings for lobes that I thought were pretty, until I accumulated six pairs in this past year. It was getting out of control, I was clearly not giving these away to anyone else, so I decided to step it up and stop being a hoarder and instead use all those dormant pairs of earrings. I went with my friends to Virginia Beach and just walked into the closest shop, Ocean Mystique. I planned to spend twenty-five dollars tops, particularly because they had a "free piercing with purchase of jewelry" deal. I got the cheapest earrings, some stainless steel ruby - colored gems, but they did a little trick- each earring was twenty-five dollars, so since I got both lobes it went up to fifty dollars, if I recall. Anyway, watch out for that move, because I had felt pressure to follow through at that point because I had already filled out the paperwork. I got over the price and sucked it up and paid. After a couple nerve wracking minutes I was told to come to the back room. i saw all the tools taken out of their packages, so it was pretty clean. I was happy because I wanted it to be done with a needle, because I had heard such bad things about the gun. The piercer was friendly, making jokes about it being his first time piercing a client and also noting my two gauge punch and we talked about it for a minute. I probably cut small talk shorter than I could have just because I wanted the whole process to be done with really. I would say I don't have a high pain tolerance and am definitely not addicted to the process of getting pierced yet (or maybe ever), and I do my piercings for aesthetic purposes rather than adrenal, so that's why I may have been a little short and wanted to cut to the chase. His demeanor was very approachable, which I think is really something of a rarity in the tattoo/piercing business, I feel like piercers and tattoo artists intend to intimidate people and scare them off, or at least project some kind of persona that may deter the less hardcore people from coming in, but I would think you're either running a business or selling an attitude, and I guess every place has their priorities. I could be wrong o n this, you know, it's only my third or fourth time in a shop, but I do think that artists judge you by the extent of modifications one has, which I think is sort of ridiculous, but whatever floats their boat, it's their shop they're running. Because this place, Ocean Mystique, is right on the boardwalk it makes sort of economical sense to go for a more friendly and accepting approach, so I appreciated that--I would totally call if I had any complications with the piercing, versus my dermal punch where I was too uncomfortable to call about any issues. In short, comfort is important, and this store had created that aura well. ANYWAY He marked my lobes and asked if that's how I wanted them, but I moved one a little lower, which I actually think was a mistake in the long run-- they look a little uneven-- and I may re-do one of them at some point. The piercing itself, the needle going through just by hand, wasn't SO painful, considering, but the worst part was hearing the needle carve through the layers of flesh, it made my stomach turn even after it was all said and done.
They were a little upturned with swollenness for about a half hour, but I've had very little issues so far with the earrings. The piercing has been extremely low maintenance, to be honest--and this is something you should not do!--I've done no salt soaks, and haven't really even gone out of my way to keep them extra clean (I work on construction, it's a little crazy to assume hygiene is 100%) but I do wash with warm water in the shower, less than once a week I use soap on them. Something I've improved on is not touching the piercing much, and I think that's been helping A LOT in the healing process. I've had virtually no crusties and no difficulties in turning the earrings, I really think that that's attributable not only to expertise perhaps but to the use of a needle, which neither of my sisters used. The ease of my healing has been a big relief, I can't believe I waited for all that time for nothing. The only difficulty I had was the development of a hard, painful sack on
my neck below my ear--the area if you follow the your jaw line up to behind the earlobe, I can't really explain it. But I had that with my other ear piercing, I think it's just a collection of fluid that occurs as a result of resting a certain way, it just gathers there. it went away after about 4 days...it helped when I soaked it. Even though I'm still uncertain about the lay of the holes themselves, I put no blame on the practitioners because they laid the responsibility of placing the holes where I wanted them on me. In a couple of weeks I'm going to check how non-studs look in the holes and decide from there if I'll change one of the holes. I'm happy I went through with it, it was much easier than I had anticipated, and after all that I look nothing like a boy, even though they're probably the most common piercing in the world I feel very special with these lil' gems in my ears. AND! Something odd happened when I looked the second time in the mirror with the earrings: I ha llucinated a septum ring. I think it's a sign, and i'm going to get one as soon as next week. Wish me luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember%2C+sorry%21
Studio: Ocean+Mystique
Location: Virginia+Beach%2C+VA

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