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A small stretch

I've always thought stretched earlobes were just absolutely beautiful. There is something striking about it aesthetically, and something beautiful about the process of stretching your earlobes. I'd had my earlobes pierced twice in each ear with a gun since earlier child hood, and wore various 18 gauge jewelry in them. Other than those, I have my nostril pierced and at 14g, my left nipple at 14g, my navel at 14g, and my left helix done twice, one at 16g, and one at 14g. A few months ago I started itching for a new piercing, and bounced back and forth between getting my rook and my septum done. I decided on a rook, which became infected and I sadly had to remove though I tried to hang in there. 

After my ear returned to normal size, and the redness and swelling went down and the puss stopped draining out of what was once my beautiful little rook piercing, the desire to further beautify my ears rose up in me again. I decided it was time to start gauging up my ears. I often visit Lark St. Tattoo, where I've gotten most of my piercings, with my best friend, and I always find myself checking out these beautiful blood wood pieces, which are about 10g. I'd always wanted my ears to be a 00g, but these beautiful little wooden coils are so delicate, I could see myself wearing them indefinitely.  

I read a few experiences about the first step up, and spoke to a few of my friends. Some had just been re-pierced with a larger needle; some went from 18g to 12g. I couldn't see myself doing something so drastic, I am good with pain, but since my lobes had been at an 18g so long I didn't want a dreaded "blow out" that I'd seen so many horrific looking photographs of. So I decided somewhat arbitrarily to go from what I had then to a 14g. It didn't seem unrealistic, seeing as I already had several pieces of 14 gauge jewelry for my naval and nipple.  

I wanted to cause the least amount of trauma to my ears as I could, even though I know that ears are very forgiving. I took a circular barbell and dabbed some Vaseline on the end and tried to force it through the hole... but it was most definitely not going through. I had a laugh and decided I'd take a run to the store. I went to Hot Topic because I know they sell decent jewelry. I picked out a pack of acrylic pinchers, which might not have been the smartest idea. So I might recommend steel, since the ones I bought were sparkly, it felt like they stuck a little bit. 

I picked the pinchers since they had a tapered end, which I knew would be easier to at least get into the hole, and then I could just force through the rest of the way to the full thickness of the jewelry. When I got home, I made sure I cleaned my ears off, cleaned the jewelry, dabbed the end of the pincher in Vaseline and aligned it with the hole and gave it a little push.  

I will say this took a considerably larger amount of force than I had expected! I had thought it would be fairly easy to just slide it in, I knew it would be some pressure and discomfort, but it really wasn't that bad. It was a lot of pressure; it felt like my earlobe was going to tear in half, even though it wasn't obviously. But it was a great deal of pressure, not so much pain. Afterward it "hurt", a little, felt a little sore, but I didn't even notice it after about an hour. I did notice a lot of "crustiness" and a lot of "debris" when I woke up the next day. 

Doing the second lobe was a little bit more difficult because I knew how much force I had to use to push the pincher through but it wasn't too tough. Honestly if I had to do it all over again, I might have gone up to 12g, instead of 14g.

To anyone who is a little apprehensive of the first step up, don't be. It was actually thrilling and a lot of fun. I am giving myself a LOT of time to heal in between steps, mostly because I am savoring my time in between each step. It's sort of how I look at surfing I suppose, I try to savor all the time in between trying to catch the next wave, because once you do it's all over! I can't wait to get up to my goal size right now, which is ten, so I can buy those blood wood coil drops, which, when I do, I will have to post a plethora of photographs of them. Go for it!


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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