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My Industrial - I’m the worlds biggest cry-baby

I'm the worlds biggest cry-baby...

About two months after getting my tongue pierced, I decided it was time for another piercing. My tongue went so well, and I love it, but it's kinda lonely.

This time I decided to talk it over with my Mum because she kind of flipped out about my tongue. The only problem is that she's really old-fashioned (she was upset after finding out I had my ears pierced a second time) and didn't want me to get any more piercings. I did the whole "Oh, but if I don't like it anymore I can always take it out" speech, and she eventually said "Look, you're 18, you can do what you want, I just don't want you getting any facial piercings."

Well, that's ruined my idea of getting my labret and/or Monroe done. So I started looking up everything on BMEzine. Nipple? No, that looks really painful. Labia. Ouch, and no I need sex too much to wait four weeks. And then I remembered one of my old co-workers had an Industrial. I thought it looked so awesome at the time. It's also easy to hide, you can put captive rings in if you don't want the bar all the time, and damn does it look sexy.

I read up on the healing time, procedure and pain and that was it. I knew I had to get it. My boyfriend was a bit funny about it, but he's very anti-piercings. He tried to talk me out of getting another piercing (well technically two) but it was no use. I was in love.

So, the studio where I got my tongue pierced (Polymorph Piercing) is located in Newtown, about an hour away. I didn't want to travel all the way into Newtown again, so I researched the local places. Pattie's was $90, and Jazz U Up was $80 so I decided on Jazz U Up.

I called up my best friend, Sam, and asked her if she wanted to come and hold my hand. (I know, I'm a sook...) She was there for my tongue and I was there for her labret, so naturally she jumped at the chance. I went over to her house and her Mum talked to me about it. She loves piercings, and told me to hurry back and show her. Sam and I jumped in my car and I distractedly drove over to Campbelltown.

We walked in and met the piercer. He was an older man with no piercings himself. That's when I started to get nervous. I sat down in the room, and he marked my ear. I asked him if he would be offended if I accidentally swore at him, and he told me it happens all the time, and not to worry.

He then washed his hands, put on gloves and started to sterilize the equipment. He told me to lie down on my side. I started to shake, worried what I had gotten myself into. Why didn't I listen to my boyfriend? And then I looked up and realised that holy crap, I can see the needle he's going to use and it's going to be right there near my ear!!

I asked him if he could do the most painful one first, the top hole (closest to my head). He laughed and so did Sam. She then saw the panicked look on my face and grabbed my hand.

The piercer rested the needle against the top of my ear and I nearly stopped breathing. Oh god here it comes. And then I remembered it would hurt less is I took a deep breath. It didn't. He pushed it through so slowly and I screamed "FUCK!". And then, here we go, I started crying. I know, how embarrassing. I've got a needle still in my ear and I'm shaking and crying. The guy was using a cotton tip to clean the blood away from the first hole. He slowly did the next hole, and then got me a tissue. I was laying there trying to stop crying while he kept mopping up the blood on my ear.

Now for the really bad part. Putting the bar in. I screamed "Fucking hell!" while he jiggled it around, trying to thread the balls on the bar. He cleaned my ear again, and then told me I could sit up. I looked at Sam and she smiled weakly. I think the sight of all that blood made her slightly sick.

I then paid the old guy $80 (for inflicting such massive pain on me) and thanked him.

We drove back to Sam's place, so I could show it off to everyone! Sam said she'll stab me if she hears the word "Industrial" one more time. It did hurt a lot, but as the old guy said, everyone has different experiences. Most people barely feel it. I was just unfortunate that I got a slow piercer. It hurt for about fifteen minutes after, and then it was fine. I still can't sleep on it, but I can lie on it for brief periods of time now.

It hasn't put me off piercings though. I'm going back this weekend to get my navel done =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+know+his+name
Studio: Jazz+U+Up
Location: Campbelltown%2C+NSW+Australia

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