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My awesome tragus.

Alright, so I was 14. I had only my lobes pierced twice each, and a cartilage on my left ear. It was my 15th birthday and I was jealous that my sister had gotten her belly button pierced. I was really impressed by the clean studio I went to, Wicked Tattooz in Minerva Ohio, that I had my mom take me there to get a tragus.

Well, before hand, I had always wanted a tragus ever since I saw one on a girl that my sister was friends with. I asked her if she was ever afraid that it was going to fall into her ear, but she said no.

Anyways, it came time to get it pierced. I am pretty sure I went in looking like crap. The piercer was really chill and he had rings going all the way up and down both of his eyebrows. A rather big man, but he seemed like a teddy bear. He was really nice and took me into this bright white room and sat me down.

He did regular cleaning procedures, put on gloves, sanitized things, used a new needle. He marked it, asked me if I liked it, and then clamped me. That was probably the most pain, which wasn't painful at all, if anything. Because the needle went through like butter, which didn't quite match up to the crunchy sound it made. He put the CBR in and I went to go see it. I started laughing because it was not painful at all and he asked me if I was alright. I said yeah, payed him, and he told me how to clean it. when I got home, I could not stop looking in the mirror and saying "thankyouuu!!! i loveee ittt! it is sooo beautifull!!!" i'm pretty sure all of my family was getting annoyed about it. I could tell my dad didn't like it because he wanted me to be all professional looknig for the rest of my life, but seriously...that's just NOT me!

The next day, I went to an underoath concert and it hurt a little, so I was worried. people would like run into me, i'd go "ow ow ow!" but then I'd realize I was just being a baby because it was no pain at all. I think I just liked to let people be aware that I had a new piercing :) So, even though people were bumping into it, it ended up being alright. It was still fine, but two weeks later I joined the swim team. So, that was a problem because for meets, you can't have any jewelry in. Thankfully, by swimming 6 hours every day the entire month of November, by the time of my first swim meet in December, my piercing had healed. the only problem, was that I didn't know how to take the ring out! so for hours, everyone on the team took their turn trying to yank the cbr out of my tragus so I wouldn't get disqualified. After a while, I settled on just wearing my swim cap over my entire ears to hide it!

The next day, I yanked on it so hard that the ball of the cbr finally flew off, and got lost. So, I went to the piercing shop and asked him for an easier piece of jewelry that I could easily take out and put back in. He gave me a horseshoe for $15 dollars, but it was large so he had to restretch my tragus. it didn't hurt much..felt pretty cool. and so now it looks awesome!

since then, I can easily take it out for meets and put it back in once I'm done racing (which used to be hard cause it'd close up a little in the water so I'd have to force it back in) But..exactly a year later, it's been my most loyal piercing. Everyone keeps asking if that was the most painful piercing ever, when it was by far my industrial. MY tragus is virtually painless! I can tug at it, twist the ring/tragus and i feel no pain! People think I'm exaggerated or lying that it doesn't hurt, and didn't hurt, but I'm not! I'm actually very tempted to get my other tragus pierced!

girls ask me if they should get it, and depending on what they look like or how much I like them, is how much I tell them it hurts. If they look like total preps, I just say "Yeah, I pretty much cried when I got it done. Not to mention, it hurts for months afterwards. One time the ring fell into my ear!"


but guys always tell me I have the sexiest piercings ever. I am so happy to choose this as my first piercing that wasn't just a typical ear lobe piercing or cartilage piercing.

I suggest you get one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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