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I Said I'd Never get an Industrial.....Now I'm in Love

My husband asked what I wanted for my 23rd birthday and I quickly answered, "a new piercing". It had been a while and I was getting that familiar itch. I found and fell in love with the transverse lobe piercings, but alas it was not to be. To get the transverse lobes, I would have to give up my traditional lobe piercings and I was not ready to part with them. So my hunt for something else began. I wanted something not everyone has like rook or a helix. I already have my left tragus so that was out. I had a snug (RIP) that I missed, but I was afraid my body just didn't want one. I had finally decided on an anti-tragus and headed to the piercer. I talked to the piercer a bit and realized that it wasn't striking enough for my taste.

I had said the only two ear piercings I wouldn't do were an inner conch and an industrial. So how the piercer talked me into it is beyond me, but the more he talked, the more I knew it was just what I was looking for. Adrian was so nice and really helpful with all of his advice. Adrian said he normally charged $45 for an industrial, but he would only charge me $35. He had me sign all the forms and he showed me the jewelry and pointed out a possible placement. He pointed to where the top hole should be and measured down to where the bottom would work with the bar he intended to use. He explained that one must avoid the inside surface of the ear and place the second hole right under the little fold on the rim of the ear. I later found out that he was very right, placing the second hole on the flat surface results in a shallow, ugly and often rejected industrial. After all the explaining, we were ready to get started.

The chair looked like an old dentists chair and I sat down, starting to get nervous. I showed my husband how much my hand was shaking and smiled saying "the fear is half the fun." Adrian cleaned my ear, measured again and drew dots and a line to be sure the bar would be perfectly straight. He said that the first hole is usually worse, but that it wasn't very painful in general. Finally, he was ready to begin. I saw the needle when he took it out. I had never seen the needle first before any of my other piercings. Somehow, it didn't scare me. Adrian rested his hand on my head and said "I'm just trying to see how to do it so it will be most comfortable for you."

He said "ready?" and I said "yes." He told me to take a deep breath and let it out slowly." I didn't believe that it would be that quick because that's what the piercer said when he did my snug, but it took about 5 breaths. However I felt the prick, felt the needle slide through and out the other side by the time I had let out my breath. It was definitely painful, but not unbearable. I was so proud and ready for the second hole. I was already starting to feel faint like I do after every piercing. The faintness probably also made my ear slightly numb, but the second hole was much less painful. Again, Adrian said, "take a deep breath and let it out slowly." Again, I did as he said and the second hole was done. He told me putting the jewelry through the second hole would be uncomfortable. It hurt the top hole while he adjusted it into the second hole. However, before I knew it, Adrian said "Ok, your jewelry is in, you're all done."

By this point, I was extremely faint and I told him so. I told him this happened all the time and it wasn't a big deal. Adrian said that since I told him that, he was going to make me sit for about five minutes. He got me candy to get my blood sugar back up some water. He and my husband stood by, making sure I was ok and talked to me. After a few minutes, I told them I was fine and we got up to leave. I walked to the counter to pay, but realized I hadn't seen my new piercing yet. Adrian walked me back to the mirror where I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't even thought about how it would look, but I loved it! The top ball was on ridge of my ear, almost up against my head and the bottom hole was on the outside ridge. All this time I had pictured the holes being front to back, like regular cartilage piercings. This looked so much cooler. The second misconception I had was that I thought the bar would be in front of my ear and get in the way. The bar was tucked nea tly close to the inner surface of my ear right below the ridge at about a 30 degree angle.

This was all two days ago and my ear is still a fairly sore and the whole top ridge is slightly swollen. Every time I look in the mirror, I like it even more. I've even been able to sleep on that side if I cup my and just right. If you want something unique that is a relatively easy experience, I highly recommend an industrial. I also recommend Artistic Ink on Brownsville in Pittsburgh to anyone in the area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Adrian
Studio: Artistic+Ink
Location: South+Hills+%28Pittsburgh%29

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