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Things I'll do to piss off my mom

This story is suppose to be a tongue piercing, but in the end unless I wanted to be in debt up to my eyeballs it turned into something entirely different. It started out on my best friend's 16th birthday about a year and a half ago, she just got her eyebrow pierced and talked about how amazing it was. I wanted a piercing so bad too!! But I live in a very uptight conservative type family. Well we made a vow to get a piercing together on my 18th birthday so since then I searched for the PERFECT piercing for myself. Well in about February I started thinking about tongue piercing I did TONS of research on them, especially here on bmezine until I knew almost everything there is to know about them and decided in May that it was the piercing for me. Well of course I was waaaay to scared to tell my mom so I held it in. Well a few days before my 18th birthday, which is July 17th, my best friend convinced me that yeah its probably better just to tell them instead of coming home and the m killing me, lol. Well when I told them of course they FREAKED until they were like 'Well since we can't legally stop you fine, do whatever you want to your body, you won't be able to get a better job then a janitor'. It was quite annoying but afterwards it stayed pretty calm and the day after my birthday(the day me and my best friend, Brandi, were going to Tulsa to get it done) my mom even said 'have fun getting your piercing'. Well after we arrived in Tulsa my mom called me and gave me an ultimatum. She said 'If you think you're grown up enough to get this horrific thing done to yourself, I guess you're also old enough to pay me rent, pay me back for all the gas and tires I've bought for you, pay your own gas, pay insurance and buy your car from me. But of course if you really want a piercing you do have permission for ANY ear piercing you want and you won't have to pay for any of that.' When she said this I could help but start crying. I had no money!!! I was barely bein g able to pay for this year of college!!! I saved and saved for the $45 for the tongue piercing. I didn't know what to do. Well I hung up on her and talked with Brandi. After I calmed down I called my mom back and talked as calmly as ever and tried and tried to convince her for the tongue piercing. She still held her ground, well after awhile I just got pissed and finally screamed "Oh!!! ANY ear piercing you say?!?!?!?! You know what I think is completely amazing hm? An industrial piercing....... That's where you have a huge BAR in your ear, EVERYONE can see it. I have always wanted one. Since its my choice of any ear piercing I want I'm getting a bar straight threw my fucking ear!!!!!" and I hung up on her.

After that I HAD to get it. There was no backing down . So Brandi and I went straight to brookside piercing and tattoos studio.  Now I must admit getting an industrial was probably one of the last piercing I would ever want to get. I always thought they were a bit, ugly I guess. Lol. But if I could piss off my mom this way, so be it. 

Once we got there I was nervous as HELL. I had done complete research on tongue piercing, but I didn't know a THING about industrials. I didn't know the procedure, after care, or if it hurt really bad or not. I was so scared. A couple of times I wanted to just back out but once I handed the guy my money and headed back there I knew this was it. 

My piercer was Lauren. She was super nice and quite talkative. She joked around with us while she marked me up and laughed with Brandi when she realized I was digging my nails into Brandi's palm I was so scared.  Of course now comes the scary part, she told me to breathe in, and then as I was breathing out I felt I pinch on my ear. And then once again she tells me to breathe in and once again as I breathed out I felt another small pinch. It didn't hurt hardly at all. Of course next came jewelry. She put in two 14g loops and each whole and that hurt like a mofo. After she cleaned the blood off she told me to come back in 3 months and she'll put the bar in much to my dismay. But examining it in the mirror I actually that it looked, beautiful!!!! Lol. I know that sounds a bit egotistic but I really did!! 

At first I didn't know why she just put loops in but I'm guessing its for healing purposes. Two of my friends who had bars put straight in got theirs really bad infected and had to take them out. 

Well its been pretty easy to clean, only got badly infected on but that's because I forgot to clean it for like 3 days, lol. Stupid me. I so can't wait to get back up there and get that bar!!!! 2 more months to go!!!!! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Lauren
Studio: Brookside+piercings+and+tattoos
Location: Tulsa%2C+ok

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