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The Helix I never gave up on... Till now

Well, here I am 4 years since I had my helix pierced. But here I sit without it now... For those of you considering this piercing, I'm not saying don't go for it, but just to realise, it may go wrong at any point! even years down the line... However you may be lucky :D so take a chance.

Here's my story anyway...

I decided that I would finally get something other than my ear lobes pierced. Even though I was old enough to not seek approval of parents, I still did. So I asked my mother if she would mind, and she did mind, and repeated what she said when I asked many years before "You will get an infection and end up looking like a boxer!" However, being that bit older and already having a sneaky tattoo, I thought... well I could get it done, and she would never know! Being the timid person I was back then, I had already dedicated my mind to it, but I hadn't the guts to approach anywhere about it, so my partner rang and booked it for me, so it was set! I couldn't back out!

The day came, and me and my best friend toddled off into town to meet my partner and a another friend of ours, and we all went to the studio in a huge pack... but to the disappointment of the others, they were not allowed to the piercing room with me, due to health and safety, cleanliness etc.

I picked out my jewellery, a beautiful light green titanium barbell, which cost £17 pounds for some reason and the piercing itself was £15 so my total was £32 which was a fair price I thought really... and the barbell was green... my favourite colour so it just had to be and suddenly I couldn't wait to have the pretty green thing shoved into my ear :D

So there I was, expecting it to really hurt, I was marked up, asked to check the location, which was higher than I wanted because of an inconvenient mole on my ear rim, so when that was explained, I gave the go ahead. I was asked to lay down and tilt my head to the right because it was my left ear to be pierced, there was a sharp sting, not unlike to an injection, a wave of adrenaline a brief euphoria, and it was all done and when I saw it I fell in love with it.

The redness and throbbing faded in about 2 hours and it felt good, I gently washed it and all seemed well for a few weeks, and all was well, however, many things happened...

Firstly, it had a trauma of a much too hard head hug, which made it bleed for an hour... another flailing armed drunken hug from someone else, which made it red and sore for 4 days, and an infection, contracted not out of being unclean, but because of a sauna, not recommended for a while, if you read the aftercare. However, I saw to that straight away with tea tree, and antibiotics, and it cleared up. Sadly from that point it was never really 100% ok.

I was caught out in really amusing circumstances... mother found my aftercare sheet so when I returned home after college (before I moved out, obviously) she accosted me in the living room demanding I tell her what I had pierced, so I showed her. To my suprise she looked relieved because she thought I had a rudey place pierced ;) so trying to follow through with her anger she shouts " ITS VERY PRETTY... er but I wish you wouldn't do these things to yourself... don't think I haven't seen the tattoo... which is also pretty... er, get out of my sight!"

Years of on and off reactions to different jewellery, various other knocks, trauma and infection paranoia later, I got a new job where, being in the health care profession, it disallowed anything other than 1 earring per lobe. So I thought, I had been through so much, I didn't want to give up on it now, and I bought a retainer to hide it, it was a small white plastic labret stud, and my ear took to it like a charm. It felt normal finally! I was excited thinking I could maybe finally heal, any knocks didn't affect it at all because of the flexability of the plastic (well recommended for piercings which are prone to knocks, I certainly intend on a plastic navel bar)

It wasn't till I took time off work I decided while drunk, during a girlie night, that I would swap the jewellery for a pretty spiral bar I had bought with the intention of using in my lobes I had been planning to size up. With it I used stripy ball and one checked ball, because I like things to be odd and I wanted it to be a feature since it finally appeared to be healed, and I was inspired since I got my tragus pierced on that side. So I cleaned the jewellery, cleaned my ear when I removed the retainer and put in the spiral, and all seemed well except for minor redness from messing about with it, anyway it calmed down and was fine... it looked awesome and I was really happy... for a week, then it appeared to be migrating... but I gave it a few days... then it was fine again after a bit of aftercare, salt water soaks and so on.

Then the day of the... death for my helix piercing... I had just finished work, and noticed it was all crusted up, and bleeding, though I hadn't knocked it or anything, it didn't even hurt. I got home and cleaned it, and it looked OK, but I thought time for the retainer again... so I took out the spiral which made it bleed hugely, I couldn't see where to put the retainer so I decided finally it was time. It closed up in a matter of hours. I now have a little bump at the back of my ear, but you cant even see where it was.

I loved it, but honestly, things are so much easier without it. I think maybe I over cared for it, which is possible... you can irritate things if you're too careful. So... be careful not too careful, piercings are meant to be enjoyed, not be a chore :D Happy piercing! xx


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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