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Stretching and Restretching

So it all starts about 4 months ago, when I got my ear lobes pierced with a disposable gun. I don't really see what all the fuss is about getting them pierced with a gun. Honestly, all the people at my school have gotten it done with a gun and none of them ever had an infection. Anyways, back to my story.

Before I had them pierced, I always wanted to stretch my ears, only to a 10g though. My mom wouldn't let me, but I still wanted my ears pierced. After I got them pierced and I had the fat diamond studs in my ears... I thought to myself "there is NO way I am going to stretch my ears as long as I have these diamond studs in my ears!"

So about... 2 months go by. I'm tired of those damn diamonds. I called my friend up who recently stretched his ears to a 6g, and let them close up(closed up fine). I asked if I could borrow some 16g studs/taper. He only had 14g, so I settled with that. This is when I had rarely any knowledge of stretching, so I thought a pincher was called a "horseshoe taper" xD. Anyways, he gave me 2 acrylic black plugs, and yes, 1 black acrylic pincher. I cleaned them with alcohol obviously. So here it goes, I attempt to put it in my right ear first. I lube it up with vaseline, and stick it in. Took about 1 hour to get it to the middle, it hurt pretty bad. I think it was because my earring was only a 22g post, so it was a pretty big stretch. Anyways, I do the same to the left ear, hurts like a bitch, and then I put the plugs in at night and go to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and they were fine. I was eager to go bigger. I was heading to Hawaii that morning, and I thought I had "big ear lobes" so I thought I was cool.

3 days go past in Hawaii, I'm getting so damn impatient, I NEED to stretch. We ended up going to the mall to hot topic, and I bought some 12g and 10g clear acrylic tapers. It was buy one get one half off... so yeah. We get home that night, I lube up the 12g, SUPER EASY stretch. 2 days go by, I lube up the 10g, another super easy stretch. I was so proud of myself, I couldn't believe I made it to 10g. Anyways... even though I said I was gonna stop, 3 days later, back in California, I call up my friend to take me to the mall.(STRETCHING IS ADDICTING! I get an adrenaline rush :D)

Once again, we go to hot topic, pick up some surgical steel 8g tapers, and some blue striped 6g acrylic tapers. I think 10g to 8g is the first 1mm stretch? This one hurt like a bitch. I lubed it up like crazy, could barely get it in. After about 20 minutes, I get both of them in, and I was so damn happy. Although I looked ridiculous, like I had needles in my ear. I didn't give a damn. (I never really bought plugs, because I only waited like 3 days between each stretch which I do not recommend). Then about a week goes by, I open the 6g taper/plug pack. Lube those babies up, put it in, damn, that was a hard stretch. It was a very odd feeling, switching from SS steel tapers, to acrylic. I get both about halfway in, then wait like 10 minutes before I tried to push it in more. I eventually got them in after about 2 hours. I was so happy :D. At this point, my mother still thought I was at a 10g (She is very unobservant.)

The next morning, my ears were as hard as a rock and throbbing like a bitch. Hurt sooooo bad. I took out the tapers, "Eww NASTY YELLOW PUSS! I quickly check the back of my ear to make sure there is no blowouts, thank God! They are safe. I put in the plugs and the pain went away.

So another week goes by... I go out to hot topic again. I buy some SS steel 4g tapers, and double flared eyelets(Stupid, I know). So this time, I have 2 friends over, filming me and watching me. I couldn't be a bitch about this one. I lube it up, soaked my ears in warm water, and begun. Ow, this was probably the most painful stretch, it took me only about 30 minutes, but that was because my friends were there. I had to punch my friend cuz it hurt so damn much. Anyways, later that evening, My stupid dumbass actually tries to put in the double flares! I could tell right away that I couldn't get them in, so I just stopped.

A couple days later, I used my dads dremel to cut off the back flares so it could be a single flare :D. Slid those babies in my ear, b-e-a-utiful. I had decent sized holes in my ear! And, I put an eraser in it so I could slide my diamond studs in whenever I wanted :D. Anyways, my mom is pissed at me at this point. She threatened to take away all my shiiiet and wouldn't let my friends come over. (She told me to stop at 10g.) She said I couldn't go any bigger! I was so sad D:

So... I thought about it real real hard... and just let them close up :[. They get boring if you don't go up a size. They closed up to a 16g in about... 2 days. I was so sad :[.
After a while, I got used to the diamonds again and it was great having them back in and I was glad I closed them up.

So about a week goes by, and I heard like 30 people(no exaggeration) at my school got their ears pierced(guys obviously). I was pissed, I wanted to be one of the few 20ish people at my school with their ears pierced. I didn't wanna be a follower like them, so I KNEW I had to restretch... this time bigger. So that night, I slide in my 12g tapers with ease. Let them settle overnight. Then the next morning, I slid in the 10g, a little tough, but still, it felt like the people who wait a month say, "no pain, little tingle". I was shocked how easy it was. Then I thought it was so easy, right after the 10g I put it in the 8g. That was also easy, it was just a little tingly. I decided I'd let those stay in for a week.

Well about 3 hours later, they are moving around so much in my ear, I get out my 6g tapers, slide those babies in with easy, just a little tingling. Slept with those in overnight...

Then the next morning, there I am. Looking at those 4g tapers and eyelets. I was determined. I lubed it up, it was a little painful, but nothing I couldn't handle.

And now, here I am, with my 4g plugs in :D. I stretched from a 14g to a 4g in 3 weeks and one day. I restretched from a 16g to a 4g in 2 days, so don't believe anyone that says "When you stretch your ear, it is going to hurt more because you are stretching scar tissue." Your ears are more stretchy now! They can easily stretch back!

Some info about my stretching experience: -never used oil -waited on average about 3 days between each stretch -wore tapers as jewelry -no blowouts -a couple infections -restreched from 16g to 4g in 2 days. -stretched from 14g to 4g in 22 days.

I do plan on going up to 00g, just ordered some 2g tapers from BAF :D

So look out world, 00g, here I come!

TIPS: -wait at least 1 week between stretches, don't copy my experience. I am lucky I only got a few infections. -use oil, it will help your ears stay healthy -if you see blood, downsize immediately -if you can't take it, your ears obviously aren't ready.

I hope my experience helps and encourages you! Thank you for reading!



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on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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