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So, tell me, that hurt right?

Where do I begin? Okay so, I saw this piercing on a girlfriend of mine. I live in a very small town where we do have a tattoo and piercing parlor, but it's still taboo to be seen there. Lots of people park a little way down in front of other businesses as to deter peoples attention-silly, yes I agree, but that is life here in tim buck to. My guy who done it-Jim Curtis. A very outspoken man who will tell you to cut the shit and suck it up-he hates winers! Whether getting tattooed or pierced, Jim seems to find a center in classics from Johnny Cash or other guys dark and black who sang about the stuff that mattered and didn't give a fuck what you thought. I like this one sign he has in his shop-something about not tattooing or piercing you if you are drunk, high, pregnant or other wise smelly! My kind of guy! And don't think for a sec that you are going to get someone to go back and hold your hand, hand holding is for pussies and your girlfriend and if you need that much suppor t, you don't need to do it! I got this one done I'd say like 2-3 years ago and it's still cool as ever!

People ask me all the time, "did that hurt"? I can only answer on my own level and tolerance of pain. People who ask me get a crunched up nose and a slight nod. It's a needle passing through your body. Sure, there is some discomfort, but child birth like pain, I doubt it. It's the coolest piercing I've ever had done, my nipples coming in second (I don't show them off like I do the tragus). The biggest part of what I would consider discomfort would be the pressure from the clamp or the few days after when you wake up and you have accidentally rolled to that side in your sleep and had constant pressure on it all night long. I unfortunately am a side sleeper and pierced on the side in which I sleep, consider the balance between the two when your needle guy asks you which one you want to have done. Quite a few people scared me and told me that during the process that they could hear a pop! I was expecting to hear something like someone popping their gum! Not hardly, between the g loves in your ear and nerves and whatever else, you pretty much don't hear anything- your are just anxious to get done and see what you have accomplished.

I work in a professional environment and to my surprise, lots of people find the small, barely there stud in my nose to be more "offensive" than the standard piercing ring in my ear. It's 2008 folks, say it with me-diversity. Sure, a million people have that same piercing, but mine is mine and that's all there is to it. A lot of work friends ask me what it is called and how I got it there-as if I were magic and just made it randomly appear I guess. Some say- I would have never thought that you of all people would do something like this...what? Something like what? Oh, you mean disgrace my body with a temporary piercing to show diversity? There is such a stereotype with piercing still and for god sake people, get over it-we are not just black and white anymore-there is more to life than that.

So, suggestions- I found it hard to rinse all the soap off unless in the shower-my solution simple...one of those blue things that new mommies get to clean out a baby's nose- suck a little warm water in it, tilt your head over the sink and squeeze and your own pace- I suggest gentle stream as opposed to pressure washing your whole ear. Have fun with it and rock it like nobody else has it! And when people ask you if it hurts, best thing to do is to give them an idea of your own experience and then let them judge from there. I promise you, my tiny little nose piercing was worse than the nipples, tragus or tongue and that is no lie. Just go for it I say! If it hurts, remember the pain is only temporary and when it goes away then you will have a pretty cool piercing to awe the world who has not seen it yet. Believe me, people still act like they have never seen some thing so dramatic in their whole lives. Just have fun with it and make the best of it-take your friends and make th em do it too. I consider getting the other one done all the time, still have not made that decision as to if it's for me or not, maybe I'll try another part of my ear this time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jim+Curtis
Studio: Jim+Curtis+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: FL

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