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self done upper lobes.

I'd had the piercing bug for a long time.
My parents.. they're kind of strict when it comes to piercing, for what reason, I have no idea. They're pretty relaxed about everything else, but when it comes to piercing it's a flat no to every question. They don't even have proper reasons like "I don't want my little girl to grow up" or something i could accept you know? My mum's reason was "you won't find a good husband", I'm hardly looking for a husband at my age! I wouldn't marry anyone who judged me on my appearance and how many piercings I have anyway. My dad's reason was " you will look like a prostitute". Grrr, the y make m e so mad like that, and I guess showing them they can't control me all the tim e was part of it. Anyway, my friend caitlin came to school a few weeks ago, and she'd just pierced her ear. She used a tiny sewing needle, so small her earring didn't fit through, and she didn't have any proper antiseptic. This really bugged me, because I know a bit more about piercing because I've researched it, but she wouldn't listen to my advice, because I'd never pierced my ears (actually, I had, I just didn't keep the jewellery in.. bad, I know, I was 7 when I did it, it was a long time ago). Her piercing ended up getting really infected. In a few weeks, I'm moving to go to a boarding school, and I knew that I could pierce myself there/get piercings done and have enough time for it to heal so I could take the jewellery out when next saw my parents. I'd prepared a kit to take, probably not the best things to use for a first time piercing though. I put together a sewing pin, tiny gauge I knew was to small to get jewellery through, a larger gauge needle to put through after, three kinds of antiseptic and some 16g and 14g jewellery. When I started high school my parents finally let my get my lower lobes pierced, but I knew nothing about piercing then and I just got it done at my local mall, with piercing guns. It hurt so much then, I cried, and I was expecting the pain to be as bad as that, which i think put me off a little. A few nights ago though, I was watching a movie (white chicks?) on tv, and one the girls had their navels pierced. All of a sudden, I really wanted to get pierced. I went to the freezer and got out some frozen vegetable soup, and kept it on my ear until I could no longer feel my ear properly. I went to my "piercing kit" and drew out the smaller gauge needle, and put it through. Honestly, it did not hurt at all. Unfortunately, because of the size of the needle, I lost the hole (the needle really was tiny). I gave up on it and went to bed. The next day the hole had completely healed, no scar, no anything, probably because of the tiny size of the needle/sewing pin I used. The next night, however, i wanted it to be more successful. Everyone in my family is an avid Dr. Who fan, and that night (sunday) was the perfect time to do my ear, because they'd all be glued to the tv. So, while my parents were watching Dr. Who, I got another frozen item and kept it on my ear until I could no longer feel it properly. I got the small needle/sewing pin and put it through, I had no problem at all. Then, I got the larger needle and slid it through to stretch it to an earring-size gauge. I had a lot of trouble finding the hole where I had to get it out of the last layer of the skin, this probably hurt the most. I put antiseptic around the needle and hole and pulled the needle out. Then, I got my earring and put it through, almost no problem. Later, before I went to bed, I wanted to do it again, so I repeated the whole process, but slightly higher, with a smaller earring (larger gauge though). This time, I had problems with getting the second needle and the earring through the last layer of skin, with the needle I re-pierced it, and again with the earring I created a new hole. So far I've had no problems with either piercing, no swelling or bleeding.

Again, last night I pierced my ear, but the other side, with a smaller earring (because of the way my hair is parted it would be visible). I had some problems with getting the earring through, so i'm pretty sure I re-pierced it.

So far, no problems, no swelling not even any crust. :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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