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Oh thats the one condition

My friend and i are frequent browsers of BMEZINE. We often come in search of piercings we would like and what we wanna get next. We both love the industrial piercing. I was steered away from it because I heard that it had hurt and i wasn't sure that i wanted to deal with that pain. And thats how it all began. We searched on Myspace for the piercing places around us and decided we should give Iron Quill a try because a friend of mine had gotten her hips and tongue done and they were done well. Also Dawn was very precise with any questions i asked her in messages. i asked about pain and typically healing time and many other questions. She also never seemed to get annoyed with that fact that i was doing my research as well.

My friend and i decided that she was gonna go get some sort of piercings on tuesday. I was gonna get one but then some things came up and i decided not to. And since my friend Heather was getting her tongue pierced she decided that she was gonna eat something she probably couldn't eat for a while. She texted me and said im buying lunch but on one condition. She picked me up from the college i was at after my classes and we started our drive. The entire time She would not tell me what this one condition was. No matter how hard i tried she wouldn't tell. So we finished our meal and went to her house so she could brush her teeth. The whole time i said what's the condition please tell me please tell me. No matter what i guessed either she wouldn't tell.

Then we arrived at the studio. It was very nice and clean.and very home like. and the the woman who greeted us was very nice too. heather then hands me forty dollars and says "guess what your getting your industrial done because i bought lunch". Oh so that's what that one condition happened to be. The woman at the counter who's name was Jana laughed and got me paper work as well. Come to find out that Jana is one of the tattoo artists there as well. I sat there nervously twitching and telling heather it was all her fault and that she had no choice but to hold my hand since she got me into this. I agreed to video tape heather's piercing in this time but told her she couldn't videotape mine. I make horrible faces that shouldn't be seen on the internet. So a little longer while we waited we looked at the piercing portfolio that dawn had there. And these piercings looked very good.

Dawn talked to us a little bit before hand so she definently calmed me down. Also finding out that Dawn was a nurse before a piercer also helped calm me down. Heather went first and Dawn was very quick and easy with her so that made me feel so much better. She looks at me and told me to go ahead it was my turn. I had heather hold my hand seeing as how i was scared. (I'm a baby i cant help it). And in about two seconds after Dawns first instruction (breathe in breathe out) the first needle was through. My ear did make a crunch noise. And it HURT. It hurt really bad and the crunch noise is a little nerve racking. Not gonna lie. Alright time for the second one. After dawns second instruction of deep breath in and deep breath out the second needle was through. This one didn't hurt half as bad at all. Until after when the jewelry was in. I truthfully didn't know the jewelry was in till she alright look in the in the mirror tell me what you think. I loved and Dawn and heather kept
telling me that it was "hot" and "adorable" on me. Although i got rather dizzy Dawn was very courteous and offered me a glass of water and told me to sit till i felt ready. I felt like i was going to pass out because for about two minutes i couldn't hear anything but the hum of the tattoo gun on my left side. Heather sat with me and dawn repeated asked if i was okay. We waited about five minutes and then we tipped her and left.

I have had this piercing for about 24 hours and i love it. The pain is well worth it. So i say if you want it go for it! And if your in this area definently go there. I'm going back for more piercings and possibly my first tattoo there. They are so nice it makes you feel very welcome. And their prices seem rather fair. I plan on getting my nipples pierced next and going back there to get my tongue and snake bites done as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dawn
Studio: Iron+Quill
Location: Palmyra%2C+NY

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