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My lovely industrial. (Almost two years old)

It all started a few months before my 16th birthday when all of my friends decided they would go get piercings after their birthdays (since 16 is the legal age to get piercings without parental consent here). There were seven of us, two wanted bellybutton piercings, two wanted their noses done, one wanted her nipple done and one wanted a tragus. As for me, I had no idea. I loved the idea of having a piercing but I knew next to nothing about them. So I scoured the internet looking for something interesting that no one I knew had.

This research, marked the beginning of a now permanent addiction to piercings. Finally, I discovered the industrial. It was beautiful, and I knew right away it would be my first piercing. I did, of course, have a few doubts. When I heard it was the most painful non-genital piercing there is, I got scared. But, I figured if my piercing obsession was to continue, why not get the most painful piercing first? I am glad I did get my industrial first, as now the 7 piercings I have acquired since then have been a case of "Wow, my industrial was SO much worse!"

Another worry I had, now my mind was so firmly made up, was that my ear was the wrong shape for an industrial. So, I went along to Cosmetics Plus a few weeks before we had planned to get pierced and asked the piercer if she could make sure I could get it. She assured me that I had the "perfect" ear for an industrial, and made sure she had the right size barbell for me. By this time, I was so excited I could hardly wait until we all went to get our piercings.

The piercer at Cosmetics Plus told me I would have to book two appointments, so she would have plenty of time to measure and mark my ear perfectly. She also told me it would cost $70, as she would have to use two needles. My advice is, keep both of these things in mind when considering an industrial.

I also fretted for weeks about which ear to get pierced. I spent every night in bed trying to figure out which side I slept on less... For all the worrying I did, I actually ended up making a split second decision to get my right ear done, for no reason other than that I had a freckle on the inside of my right ear that the industrial would cover up.

Finally, the day came for us to all go and get pierced. We arrived at Cosmetics Plus, armed with chocolate bars and jabbering excitedly. The piercer told us we couldn't all be in the piercing room, as there wasn't much room and she didn't want to be distracted. So, we all decided which two friends we would have in the room with us while we got stabbed. Then, the piercing saga began. My two friends getting their bellybuttons pierced went first. I would have to go last, as my piercing would take the longest. So, one by one everyone got their piercings, with very different reactions. Some cried and some laughed, but all of them were completely in love with their new additions. So, although I knew mine would be painful and I was entirely nervous, I knew I was ready and that I had to go through with it.

Finally, it was my turn to get pierced. By this time most of my friends had left, apart from three. Only one came into the room with me, and offered her lovely hand for me to cling to. Then began the long process of measuring and lining up the two holes in my ear. I was told that many people simply get two separate barbells in the hole while it heals then switch to the single barbell, but she said there was a risk of the holes healing crookedly so the single barbell wouldn't fit. I knew I wanted the single barbell through both holes straight away, so I told her I could handle the risk of it being knocked around more.

I took care to watch every part of the piercer's preparation, as I was wisely advised to online. Once I had assured myself that everything was sterile and clean, I felt much better about the pain I was about to go through.

Then came the hard part, the piercing. I prepared myself for the pain and took several deep breaths, and then she pierced the first hole. It was painful. It felt like not only was she piercing, she was also ripping through the cartilage with a blunt knife. But, it was soon over, and my ear was left with pain that didn't even compare to what it just went through. I must have made some terrible faces, though, because my friend mocked me about it for weeks.

The piercer put the barbell through the first hole, then it was time to pierce the second. I was now really scared, and not sure if I could go through with the same pain again. But I went ahead and screwed up my face, ready for the pain. But, it didn't come. Well, there was pain, but nowhere near as bad as the first hole. My friend had to tell me it was over, as I was still waiting for the painful part. The piercer put the jewellery in, and finally my piercing was complete. I looked in the mirror and it looked wonderful, even though my ear was bright red.

I stood up and prepared to go, but I suddenly felt really dizzy and like I was going to pass out, as my body was still coping with the shock of the piercing. I sat down for a few minutes and had a glass of water, which made me feel much better. I then paid and went on my merry way, the proud owner of a beautiful industrial.

The burning pain that came with the piercing soon went away, however I had to take great care to keep my hair away from it during the first few days. I was obsessive about cleaning it, as I was entirely scared of infection ruining my piercing. Eventually it wasn't too painful, only if I knocked it or accidentally slept on it. It didn't heal completely for at least a year however, and only recently has it stopped producing crustyness (yes, that is the technical name). But beyond the first few months I never really had trouble, and I got used to having to be careful with it. Even now it is completely healed and never hurts, I get scared if something knocks it. But I have had no issues at all, and now I have changed the bar to a crazy zigzag bar, which looks great.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Mel+%28I+think%29
Studio: Cosmetics+Plus
Location: Lower+Hutt%2C+New+Zealand

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