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My 18th present to myself

I've always liked piercings, when I was younger I always wanted more earholes pierced and a belly button piercing. At the start of 2007, I got my belly button pierced which much to my dismay fell out one time when I was drunk and closed up within a day. I knew I wanted another piercing, but I wasn't quite sure yet what...

A week before I turned 18, I was in fremantle and walked past a piercing place. I went inside and looked at all the jewellery and thought to myself that I would like to get a new piercing. I especially loved the way the labret studs looked, but I didn't want to get a labret piercing because i'm not that into face piercings. (Not that there's anything wrong with them; they look beautiful on the right person just not on me.) So I wondered what I could get. I had no money on me at the time because I spent it all hiring a hall for my party, so I left and didn't think about it further.

At the party, I had charged for entry to cover the costs, so I got most of my money back, so I now had money again. I looked up piercings on the internet a few nights after the party, wondering which one to get. I thought about getting my belly button pierced again, but i thought since i'm not sexually active and I don't have a boyfriend and it's not summer, nobody would see it anyway so there was no point. I thought about a tongue ring, but thought that wouldn't be good because I have braces. I'm not extreme enough to get any down there or nip piercings, so I decided on a tragus as it was small and unique and apparently the most painful, and I wanted to test myself.

I went to perth and decided to spend my money on a Tragus piercing.

I went to one of the well known piercing places, and told the piercer what I wanted done. He told me I couldn't have my tragus pierced with a jewel labret, and that i had to get it done first with a plain labret and then switch over. I didn't want to do this, so I looked around for another piercing place.

I found a small place that had advertised "Piercing from $20", it was a beauty salon that also did waxing and similar things. I thought this was fairly good, so I decided this was the place that I was going to have my tragus pierced.

I went in and there was a lady at the reception, who seemed to not know anything about piercings. I asked her what kind of jewellery I could get in it and she didn't know, so the piercer came out and i told the piercer what I wanted, and went into the room. It was really small and quite sterile. I was really nervous, because i'd read it was the most painful piercing that you can get. So I lay down, my best friend Taylor held my hand, and she told me to look to the right (I was getting my left tragus pierced). I noticed she didn't have a clamp.

I said "Oh, aren't you going to get the clamp?"

and she replied, "We don't use a clamp for this piercing"

I got scared and said "Oh no no no no noooooo!" which my bestfriend makes fun of me for. With that, I lay back down and she put the needle through. I said "owowowowowowowowwwww Ow ow ow ohhhhhh" as it went through... hahaha

Once it was done, it's done, and the pain is over. Seriously, it wasn't that painful, there are much worse pains out there. I looked in the miror, and saw my silver tragus piercing with a labret stud with a clear gem in it. It was so pretty and I loved it straight away.

2 weeks later, I love it still, it's beautiful and there are no infections or anything, as i've been cleaning it 2ce a day with a spray that I bought from the piercer. However, when spraying the inner part of the tragus, be careful because apparently you can go deaf from the spray, so i put some of the spray on a small cotton bud and rub it around the inside of the tragus near the piercing. I don't rotate it at all though.

I recommend getting this piercing to anybody that wants to, it is really unique and you won't regret it, and the pain is bearable.

I really want another piercing now, and once again i'm stuck not knowing what to get, so i'm back on bmezine to find out what piercings people like that they have, and decided to post my own story to make up peoples minds about getting a tragus piercing. Do it :)



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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