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Industrial, Experience not to be forgotten

When I first decided to get my industrial I had a lot of negative opinions from friends.

The reason I decided was because I saw this chick with the most awesome industrial at the smashing pumpkins concert.

One of my friends had gotten hers done at high school, but I was a bit put off when a few weeks later hers swelled up and it looked like her ear was eating her piercing, then a few months later she ripped it out so I kind of didn't look fondly on them after that.

Two weeks after I went to the concert, I checked it out on the Internet for some encouragement and it was even better than I expected, BME had some awesome pictures!

I found out about the risks, what can go wrong, I saw some poor placements which made me feel a lot better as a few I had seen that were placed wrong looked a lot like my friend from high schools one.

A few of my friends said the piercing looked barbaric or jusy plain ugly, but I thought it was a really hot piercing, and I hadn't seen anyone with that done since my one friend at high school. I thought it would be a little unique

Despite all the negative comments I received I thought it would be a good idea and I was confident that I wouldn't regret it at all.

When I went to get it done I was really nervous, I went and got it done 2 days after I had decided. Having had only my 4 lobe piercing and a helix (all done with a gun) and my nipple done with a needle, you could say I was kind of new to the needle-piercing scene.

The staff were really helpful and the chick at the counter recommended I get a black bar because it has no nickel in it, which would help with healing. So I paid for my piercing. A mere $50, that included the black bar, for the silver one it only $30. But frankly, I found the black one a lot cuter than the plain silver one.

The piercer who did it was really great about it she marked out my ear with placement, and then asked me to have a look and it was perfect. She cleaned my ear then put the needle in I felt the needle go in the first time but I have to say then next part was painless my ear felt completely numb!

Putting the jewellery on was a tad uncomfortable but then it was over, just like that. All of a sudden I felt a hot rush down may ear, it was bleeding but she said it was okay.

I left the shop totally stoked about my new piercing it looked amazing.

I can confidently say NEEDLES are the absolute best. My ear piercing didn't heal that well and my industrial healed well!

The only problem I encounter was my hair getting caught in it so I would just wear a headband to bed, to stop late night tangles in the balls, and while I was in the shower washing my hair.

I would have to say my piercing changed the minds of a lot of my friends, in the space of a month 2 of them went and got the same piercing done at the same place. I felt like I created a small trend =].

I would have to say Id give my industrial a 10 out of 10. I love it, and would recommend it to everybody, I am even taking my little sister to get hers done soon.

Despite the fact I got a small keloid it quickly healed after I went back to the shop to ask them what to do.

They were really really super helpful and my piercing is completely healed and I feel like it is an asset to me. I wouldn't know what to do without it, I'd miss it that's for sure!

It's a great conversation starter at lectures people often ask me about it and I occasionally like to freak my friends out by pulling out my bar very slowing every now and then.

At first my Mum didn't like it, she didn't think it was 'pretty'. But she has come around to the idea, and now she actually doesn't mind it at all.

I myself think that it has really made me consider getting more piercings, which is something I am quite happy about.

I'm now considering a rook, tragus, and a surface vertical tragus.

I really hope my experinece helped, or encourages you to another or many more piercings.

Becasue piercings are the sex!

Msn or email me if you want any advice.

Thank you for reading



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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