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Industrial Piercing = Pain

I didn't go to the shop intending on getting an industrial piercing. I was just going to LeRoi with my friend to help her get new jewelry for her lip laret piercing. But, once I was at the shop I couldn't resist.

At first, I thought about getting a third eyebrow barbell – I have two currently and I've been wanting a third eyebrow barbell. I asked Pete, who is employed by LeRoi's and a piercer, how much an eyebrow piercing cost. Sixty dollars, he said. My initial reaction: ouch. That's twenty dollars more than an eyebrow piercing from Addiction Tattoos on St. Mark's Place. I didn't feel like spending the extra twenty bucks, though I knew the quality of LeRoi's was top notch and notably better quality than Addiction Tattoos being that LeRoi specializes in piercings.

After a few minutes of looking at the case of jewelry while my friend was being helped out with her selection, I was admiring all the cool ear piercings I saw.  So, I figured, why not get a cool ear piercing?

At first, I was only going to get one hole for a hoop on the back of my ear. I asked Pete how much it cost and I believe he said fifty dollars. I didn't feel like spending fifty dollars for one hole. I mean, it would be cool but it wasn't worth fifty dollars to me. I then asked how much an industrial piercing was, and he said seventy five dollars. By far, a more pricy piercing but the two holes were a bargain for seventy five compared to one hole for fifty. I thought about it. I had some money saved up and I wanted to spend it on a piercing. So, I bite the bullet and decided to get an industrial piercing done.

I told Pete I wanted an industrial piercing and he went to work and gave me paperwork. I did my job and he did his. He put the jewelry in the autoclave to clean it and I heard it clicking as it was working. He wore gloves and used a new set for every step of the way while setting up.

Once I finished the paper work, I was talking to my friend about the industrial piercing. My friend told me that she went with a buddy a while ago and they got their industrial pierced. When the needle went through the ear, there was an audible crunch. I was hoping I wouldn't hear my ear crunch.

A fear of hearing my ear crunch lingered in my mind when Pete asked me to sit in the piercing chair. I sat down and noticed that in the piercing room that there was a case of models of female and male genitals with various piercings on them. I thought, no matter how much this piercing hurt, it would not hurt as much as if I was getting my clitoris pierced.

Pete measured my ear and asked how I wanted the piercing to be placed. I wanted it at an angle to off-set my eyebrow piercings. He did a good job selection the placement of the jewelry and all was ready. I ready myself for the possible ear crunching and closed my eyes since I didn't want to see the needle.

It didn't take long. It HURT a bunch though. The needle went through fast for the first hole. No crunching. Needle went through fast for the second hole. No crunching. I was relieved by the lack of crunching but the trauma to my ear made me a little pale. Pete put in the jewelry and it hurt. My ear was throbbing but it was done.

I sat in the chair for sometime after the piercing was done to regain composure. I was fine after I had a glass of water. I went over to the mirror and checked out my new piercing. It looked awesome but was still hurting.

My ear kept hurting for a couple of days after the piercing. I couldn't lay on it. I was just in a lot of pain. I tried leaving my ear alone as much as I could. I cleaned it with anti-bacterial soap but I didn't dare try to do sea soaks to it. It was too tender.

After about a week, my ear was doing better though if my piercing got caught on my t-shirt in the morning while I was getting dressed it would still provoke profanity from the pain. It was healing well but just hurt a lot.

It took about two to three weeks before I was able to sleep on it. Now, the piercing is doing just fine and not hurting anymore. I think if I knew how much it would hurt after getting the industrial done I might not have done it in the first place.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Pete
Studio: Leroi+Manhattan
Location: New+York%2C+New+York

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Saturday, December 28, 2013 @9:23 a.m.
I recently got my industrial done and it's been hurting like a bitch! When I had it done my piercer... Who is fantastic... Put the first hole in and then decided he didn't like the placement because my ear was deeper than it looks... So he decided to re-pierce it! Ouch! He called it my "freebie" and I initially threw out a couple of expletives his way but he was just looking out for the long run in my piercing. I thought maybe I was experiencing more pain because of my extra hole... But it seems I'm about on par with everyone.... Here's to hoping the pain subsides soon!

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