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Easy-as-pie industrial

It was the day before my sixteenth birthday and (after a good 7 months of begging, bribing, and arguing) I had finally convinced both of my parents to let me get another ear piercing: and industrial! It was a very long and frustrating journey, and I had conceded to different ear piercings a multitude of times but the industrial was what I really wanted so I fought until I got it.

Earlier in the day I was working at a charity walk with my mother, so it wasn't until around 3 in the afternoon that we started calling around. The shop where I had originally planned to have it done and had actually gone in with mom to look around was actually closed, and the piercer was on vacation out of state. I had had a consult with them about a month before and the piercer had discouraged me from getting the piercing, saying I was probably too young to be able to care for it so it would heal correctly. That made me more determined to have it done, at fifteen (almost sixteen!) I felt I could care for my own injuries. After that, I hadn't really wanted to go there anyway, since I figured that if 'all the industrials she had done had some sort of complication', that speaks more about the piercer than the piercing. I searched the phone book frantically, determined to get it done that day as I had plans for my actual birthday. My mother called Electric Skin Designs to see i f they had an opening, and they did.

Not an hour later we walked into the shop and started the process. I told the guy (whose name I have forgotten now) that I wanted an industrial in my left ear. He photocopied my mother's drivers license and had her sign the paper. She paid the $40, as it was her birthday present to me. The guy disappeared out back to prepare a room for me. After a seemingly long wait, he led me back and my mother decided to come with me last minute.

When we got in the room, he sat me down on a stool close to the floor. He placed the tray of materials in front of me so that I could watch him unwrap them. I started getting nervous when I saw the needle! I put my hair into a high bun, but the guy had to use some ointment to slick back the flyaways that didn't get put up. That took a while, and I got more nervous. He finally became to prep my ear and slather it with the cleaning solution. My mother was squirming more than I was by this time. He asked me to breath deeply three times and I began. On the third breath, he popped it through the first side. It stung like a mosquito bite and I heard a pop. He told me to start the breathing again, and again pierced it on the third breath. The second hole, going through the thicker part of my ear hurt a wee bit more than the first. He cleaned it up and took a look at his work then handed me a mirror so I could as well. It was an angry red and felt warm but didn't hurt and it looked p erfect placement wise. He commented on my lack of flinching for my first 'real' piercing and I smiled. We left to go shopping and my ear continued to be warm but not painful. It stayed that way for a couple days then started to itch like mad for about a month. That was a little annoying.

Now, my mother had gone with me and both my parents had agreed to the piercing but my dad was a little surprised when he saw the piercing. He had expected (and I did nothing to correct these expectations) that it would be smaller and lower on my ear and just generally less noticeable. It came as a bit of a shock. But he had agreed to it.

I was told to clean with Dial and warm water twice daily, wash my hands before touching, and go easy on the hair washing for the first week or so, and I did religiously. It healed completely in a little less than a year and has been going strong since. The only problems I have had are incidents with over the ear headphones, be careful with those! I could have ripped it out on them, but was lucky enough not to. It required a couple months of healing time to repair.

My industrial was not a particularly painful experience, the lobes were worse. Do it if you want it, you won't regret it! Electric Skin Designs is a wonderfully clean, welcoming place to have needles stabbed into your flesh and the staff there is very charming and gracious and were not at all intimidating to little fifteen year old girls!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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