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cute little anti-tragus

When I decided to get my anti-tragus pierced, it was mostly a spur of the moment thing. I had wanted the piercing for a while, but one day I just decided, "today I'm getting a piercing!" and I decided then that anti-tragus was the piercing I was going to get done and I was really excited to get it.

I brought my friend along with me to watch and for some good company. She drove me to a shop near my house, but when we got there the girl at the counter said she could not do that specific piercing because she had never done it to anyone before [she didn't want me as a guinea pig and nor would I want to be a guinea pig]. So off my friend and I went to find another shop that could do the piercing for me.

On our search to find another shop, my friend then had a thought pop into her head that we should go to see her friend Matt to get it done. She told me he was good, professional and that she trusts him a lot. Plus he did her tattoo for her. So, I figured, why not? So off we went to his shop to see if he would do the piercing for us.

When we got to the shop, Matt tells us that yes he could do the piercing for me, but I would have to wait about an hour because he had another customer who came in before us. My friend and I then decided to go out and get some food and then get some candy at the dollar store to pass the time before I got my piercing.

After our small lunch, we found Matt outside smoking so we stood outside talking to him until he finished his cigarette. After he was done, we went inside and then Matt took me into the back room of his shop and my friend came back as well to tag along and to watch me get pierced. I went in and Matt told me to lie down on the table while he got all the stuff ready [he put his gloves on and took everything out of it's packaging.] He showed me the placement of my piercing which looked perfect.

Matt had offered to show me the needle but I said no because I figure that all needles look the same and once you have seen one you've seen them all. He had also offered to use a 'soft needle' on me if I'd like but I also said no to that one as well, especially since I don't really know what a soft needle is to be honest.

Then he asked me if I was ready and I was more than ready for it at that point. So he put a clamp on my ear and began to pierce my ear. To me, this was the most painful piercing that I've ever gotten. But by no means, not too painful that I could not handle the pain.

Then the healing fun began! [and a lot of fun it was.]

Sleeping on the piercing was not very fun, as I knew it would be, especially since I got it pierced on the side that I sleep on [may not have been a good idea, but that was the side I wanted it on]. The pain wasn't unbearable or anything as I slept though. So that was good.

When I woke up however, I woke up with a pool of blood in my ear [and a pillow with blood stains]. This kind of got me worried, but I figured I shouldn't really worry about it too much because bleeding is normal for a brand new piercing. It took me a while to clean out all the blood from the bottom of my ear that morning [it took at least 15 minutes to just get all the blood out with a q-tip.]

I decided that with all the blood that came out, that I'd be extra careful with this piercing and that if it bled as much as it did the next morning that I'd go back to see Matt to see what he thought I should do. Luckily for me, I didn't have to go back to him again as my ear did not bleed like that ever again!

For about a week and a half after all that, the area was bruised and only had a tiny bit of blood that came out. Once the bruising went away, the piercing started to heal beautifully and has since not caused me any problems except for some pain every now and then when it accidentally gets knocked around.

All around, I'm very pleased with this piercing and it turned out amazing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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