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A Young Industrial Piercing

Piercings and tattoos have always interested me since I was very young. Obviously, I am still quite young for anything such as a tattoo, but I currently have eight ear piercings, or holes anyways. My industrial is my first and currently only more advanced piercing than lobes. As my step father knows a few friends running a very professional tattoo and piercing studio, I was told that was the place to go if I ever wanted to pierce or tattoo something.  

I remember first starting out with a strong desire to get an industrial in the spring, but I had no money to get one. My mother said she would sign her permission (you have to be 16 to get a piercing unsigned) but there was no way she was paying. So I slaved over cutting lawns for awhile until I had obtained fifty dollars. This was a discount price because I was a friend's family. I believe the original was eighty, the extra thirty being for the bar itself. I remember the day was May 22nd, and we began the lengthy drive from Windsor, where I live, to Leamington. The only reason it seemed so long was because I was very nervous.  

The shop was very clean and professional, as expected. While the owner, Chris, prepared the needle, cork, and jewelry, I chatted with another employee, growing increasingly impatient. Finally, I was called over to the back where the chair and tools were set up. With me, I had my step father – who sat at the counter and could be heard talking and laughing all the way at the back – my mother, and my little brother, age nine. Of course, my brother had wanted to video tape the whole ordeal. My mother, having twelve ear piercings and at one time a nose ring and belly button ring, had no problem watching me, unlike some mothers who might have passed out watching the procedure, as Chris so kindly warned. I took off my glasses and laid down, getting ready for my first big piercing. 

Chris started with the measurements. Because I am only fourteen and have small ears, he measured for about fifteen minutes before finally deciding on the exact sites for the holes. This, of course, pleased my mother very much because there was no risk of my ears being butchered or having extreme complications with the piercing. He then started with the first hole. His hand was steady enough, and I felt a little sharp pain. When the needle pierced the other side of the skin, I heard a small pop, which I told my friends about later, to their disgust. The needle ran into the cork, so it did not hit any other part of my ear. To me – although I am sure it was different for others, it all depends on the person – this hole felt just like when my lobes were pierced with a gun, nothing too bad. He removed the needle and placed the bar just in the top hole. Next came the second whole. The same procedure as the first, except this time it took twice times as long to push the needle thro

ugh. I don't know why, maybe it was just my ear, but where the hole was on my ear is very thick, resulting in the piercing being very painful. I am sure that I'm over exaggerating a little, but the bottom was indeed more painful than the top.

On the drive home, I put down my window because my ear had become red and very hot, which I knew was normal. Throbbing soon followed, and occasional headaches. When I woke up and before I went to bed, I used a simple "wound wash solution" from the pharmacy, which was basically salt water, to clean my holes. After the first week, I was able to touch the bar without a lot of pain. At about two weeks in, I started using cotton swabs as well to really get on the inside of the fold of my ear to clean out all the crusties and pus, which were a regular occurrence, although they were moderate, and not too bad. The only thing I found hard was, first off, only sleeping on my right side for a month or two. Also, brushing my hair was a big difficulty. As I have curly hair, I use hair gel a lot and had to avoid the top hole especially. I noticed that, about up until three months in, I had a bump on inner side of my bottom hole. It looked like a puss bubble, but of course, didn't and shou

ldn't even be attempted to be popped. After using the salt solution, it still did not go away. I eventually decided to try out normal Polysporin, which worked in a matter of days.

All in all, I am very pleased with my industrial. It is a beautiful piercing and the little bit of being uncomfortable for a few minutes is worth it. It has been about four months, and I cannot remove it until November to change it, which I am very excited for because right now it is just silver and in my opinion quite plain. Also, although I wear glasses, the top ball does not rub against the arm, for anyone who has glasses and is looking into a piercing such as this one. Next, I am looking to get a conch on my right ear, and I can't wait. My piercings will always be my favourite part of myself, and I am excited to get even more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Eerie+Art+Studio+Kustom+Tattoo
Location: Leamington%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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