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My new conch!

I've wanted my conch pierced for the past two years, and my parents have always been dead set against no piercings outside of the first two lobes, and nostril (my mother is the only one that approves of this one...). Anyways, at the beginning of the summer my best friend and I were going to get piercings together to celebrate sophomore year of college, and just because it's been three years since we've had anything pierced. I was planning on getting my nostril and my conch done, she wanted to add two more piercings on the bottom of her bellybutton.

We went into Scarab, totally ready and excited. The piercer looked at Elaina's navel and said that it was too small and it wouldn't heal properly if there were two more barbells in there, so Elaina said she'd hold out and figure out an alternative. I filled out paperwork and sat down with the piercer to do a run-through of aftercare, etc. She mentioned I couldn't have contact with facial cleansers, chlorine, etc.

When she said chlorine I got nervous-- I'd worked in a pool during the summer and decided to hold off until the summer was over.

So we both left un-pierced.

After further discussion with Elaina, she decided on a horizontal surface about an inch and a half from the base of her navel. I decided I'd get my conch done after camp was over, and hold off on the nostril for a few more weeks until my friend Lindsay came back so we could get that done together.

We came back to Scarab about a month and a half later and did the general run down before we were pierced. I had been so excited for this for the longest time and the adrenaline was pumping. I decided on a 12g barbell and then sat down to wait. We had about a half hour wait and as we were waiting the adrenaline was starting to fade and nerves were setting in.

Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, we were called in. We rock-paper-scissored for who went first and I won. I had my ear marked (at this point nerves were gone and I was thrilled, again) and checked it out. I loved the positioning exactly where it was. John cleaned my ear and I blubbered non-stop to Elaina Finally, he interrupted my one-sided conversation with my best friend (I was so excited I couldn't shut up!) and told me that I was going to feel a quick pain, my ear would get hot, and it would instantly start to feel better as soon as the jewelery was in place. He told me I needed to listen to him and that on his count I would take three breaths, and that I was going to exhale as he pushed the needle through on the final count. He told me to inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, take one big inhale, anddddddd...exhale as the needle goes through.

For a couple weeks prior I had been reading experiences, talking to people about their other ear piercings (I only knew one other girl who had her Conch done) and I came to a personal conclusion that by common sense, the piercing would hurt like hell because the cartilage was so thick, and I'd also end up hearing this disgusting crunching sound. I assumed it would be loud because it was right outside my ear canal. Surprisingly, it hardly hurt, and all i heard was a very small, quick, indiscreet popping sound that I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been trying to hear something. I could feel the blood flow in my ear increase and my ear was instantly hot (I guess you could compare it to when you have a fever and your ears get really hot, or if you blush really badly), but it wasn't uncomfortable. The only discomfort I felt was when he was putting the jewelery in; I bit my lip for that. But he was right, once the jewelery was in it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

He asked me how I felt and all I could say that I was so excited and thanked him. I asked if I was bleeding and he said there was no blood at all.

I've been pierced for exactly a week today and my conch has been awesome; sometimes I forget it's there and accidentally hit it or touch when i'm fixing my hair, but other than that it seems to be healing fine. I know I'm in for another five months or so before I can take out the jewelery, but I'm so thrilled that I finally have it done. It is awkward to clean (I do a salt soak for 5-10 minutes daily) because it's in such a difficult spot to reach.

In conclusion,

I'm absolutely in love and obsessed with my new piercing. If you're thinking about a conch, I sincerely suggest going out and getting it done because it looks so boss afterwards.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: John+Joyce
Studio: Scarab+Body+Arts
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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