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my Daith piercing - as scary as it sounds!

So although I love piercings, and the whole feeling of getting a new one and being excited and showing everyone, I've never wanted one on my face, because a) I don't really know one that I'd really like, and b) my mum would probably disown me!

Because of this, I've got my belly done twice, my tongue done, my ears x3, my tragus, and on my other ear I've had the top done twice, and my snug done - although it wasn't really the regular snug, it was more through a massive chunk of cartilage that I was like, hmm I'll get that done! But the top of my ears I didn't like because lets face it, everyone has it done, and the snug refused to heal, and both bars fell out, and I found it IMPOSSIBLE to get them back in, even though they had only just fallen out.

So today I went to the piercing place with only a vague collection of ideas - I was considering asking about a bar being put through my tragus vertically (turns out this piercing already exists, and is called a vertical tragus! haha), also a surface tragus piercing, and was considering my rook, through the middle, or conch. The piercer told me that both the vertical tragus and the surface piercing near the tragus would grow out at some point. Seeing my disappointment, he told me that it would last a good year - but I knew how disappointed I'd be when it grew out, because I know how much I love my tragus! So I was looking round all their piercings and wondering which one to get, when the guy suggested the daith piercing. He showed me the other girls who worked there, and wow, I was pretty impressed because I thought I'd thought of all the places it was possible to get done!

Looking at it, I knew it would be painful, but I really liked it because it was so different, the piercer told me he'd only done like 5 times. I also liked the fact it would be a hoop: I'm getting a bit bored of bars ^_^! I was also getting the top of my other ear done, and when she suggested getting my daith done first, I was like no, lets do the other one first. She agreed, and let's just say I'm glad I decided this.

The first top one of course was pretty simple, and I'm used to the pain now, this being the 3rd I've got done! then she moved on to my daith. I was like "this is going to be painful isn't it?" and she was like, yeah it will be. Well I preferred she'd warned me so that I at least expected the pain!

I won't lie, this was definitely the most painful piercing I've had done. In order of painfulness it probably goes, daith, snug, tragus, top of ear, bottom of belly, tongue, top of belly, bottom of ears. I winced quite allot put it that way but managed not to say anything. She went through all the aftercare shenanigan and told me not to change it for ages, but to be honest I figure I probably won't need to or cant even if I wanted to, since it's quite deep in my ear.

I'm pretty girly and I think they all recognize me in there since I'm not one of the many Goths that come in and get themselves mutilated haha, and I think she was surprised that I was brave about it, especially since I had 2 in a sitting! She told me that she thought it was absolutely painful as anything, and I felt quite proud!

Well I have to say, the pain was worth it. I love my new piercing! it doesn't hurt to sleep on, which is more than I can say for my other ear, which is agony :| only had it done today, so can't comment on ease of healing, but I suspect it won't be that great to be honest! I really like the look of it, it looks so snug and cute as a little ring sat in my ear. I picked a pink ring cause well, pinks good J I like it so much as well, because I took such a long time to decide, and really picked the best one for me. With my snugs it was more like, blah I'll pick that one. With my daith I considered and mused and wondered, and eventually picked it and am really happy I've done so. Aftercare Is quite extensive, and I know I've always been a bit slack in this area... I'm going to really make an effort to clean this one all the time, and I can do all my other ones at the same time, since I've felt quite run down this last few weeks, and all my piercing have been playing up something ch ronic, even my bottom belly which has been fine for AGES. Annoying, much!

Comments would be that I really love it - it is such an individual piercing, now that EVERYONE has things like their rooks and conch and especially tragus done - definitely worth the -quite considerable - pain. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Emma
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Location: Lincoln

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